The Latest Girl Genius Book is Now Available from our Online Store…and as a PDF!


As of yesterday, all of the KickStarter rewards that can be shipped have been shipped! That means that we can finally list the books for sale through our own online outlets. This is Book One of the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne…(secretly volume fourteen of the ongoing Girl Genius series. Think of it as the first episode of season two.) You can get it in Hardcover and Softcover, and also as a PDF file from DriveThru Comics!

The Special Kill Doctor Lucky Game Pieces!


The art for the Kill Doctor Lucky Meeples is hilarious! There’s Phil, looking grumpy. That is because he continues to fail at the killing of the hated Doctor Lucky. These Meeples are a special add-on through the KickStarter campaign, and feature a bunch of our friends looking unusually…wide.

From top left to bottom right, we have Carol Monahan, Jada Brazil-Williams, Walter Williams, Jen Page, BJ Becker (Doctor Lucky himself!), Nancy Frye, Phil Foglio, Stephen Beeman, and Patrick Rothfuss. An illustrious group indeed!

The Fantastic Jen Page!

I got to hang out with actress/model/wonderful artist person Jen Page at the Kill Doctor Lucky shoot a while back, and she’s really interesting! I love the mermaid prints she’s been doing—especially this one of Ariel as Sea Queen. I’m told she went down to the beach to do the shoot, and there was this fabulous driftwood throne just waiting for her. Nice! I love how she takes her basic modeling shots and transforms them into gorgeous fantasy prints—the driftwood throne was apparently not actually underwater when they took the pictures…(really?)
I’m also grateful to her for pointing me at Faerie Magazine, a lovely publication that I went straight home and subscribed to. It’s so very pretty…
Jen is all over the Kill Doctor Lucky videos, the character short for Janet Principle (that I’ve linked at the top of the post) is my favorite!

Kirkland Geek Gala 2015, and More Kill Doctor Lucky!

We’re looking forward to the Kirkland Geek Gala this Saturday…we had a great time last year. The event starts tomorrow with cocktails and winds into a lovely dinner, all for charity. I’m not sure it it’s sold out yet, so if you’re interested, there may still be time!

Of course, the Kill Doctor Lucky KickStarter from our friends over at Cheapass Games is still banging along…they used several local talents in the promotional video, and have been having a lot of fun with custom Meeples, character cards and voiced radio spots featuring those fabulous celebrity folks! It’s certainly worth having a look over at their page to check out the madness before next weekend, when the campaign ends and we all head to the Old Consulate Inn for the wrap party. (Ah, and I’ve been told to remind everyone that one of the high-level backer packages on the KDL campaign includes a night of playing Kill Doctor Lucky with all of us at the Old Consulate, the premier B&B of the Seattle Steampunk scene! On Friday the 13th, no less! It will be…jolly fun. Truly!)

The Great Murder Mystery Prequel Game and Kill Doctor Lucky Wrap Party!


We’re thrilled to see that our friends over at Cheapass Games are doing well with their latest KickStarter–it’s the 19.5th anniversary edition of the murder mystery prequel game Kill Doctor Lucky! In the game, Phil and I are aspiring culprits, and you can see us making our nefarious attempts on the life of poor old Doctor Lucky in the KickStarter’s video. (I actually manage to get him. Pity the editor cut the bit where we both fell on the grass and rolled. It was very surprising.)

We’re especially looking forward to the wrap party at Lucky Mansion. It’s on Friday the 13th, which seems appropriate, at the Old Consulate Inn in Port Townsend. There are three rooms available for high-level backers of the KickStarter, so there’s the chance that we’ll have some new faces there. If not, the old usuals will kick back and relax by NOT killing Doctor Lucky–although, since one of the attending luminaries is to be the actual actor who plays Doctor Lucky, we’ll probably play the game with him!

The picture at the top is the despicable Mumford Consequence (played by Phil Foglio) who, despite showing every sign of enjoying his time as a guest at Lucky Mansion, is secretly plotting to kill the old boy. (Phil promises not to sing at the wrap party, by the way.)

Things that Happened Today


This little guy bashed into Phil’s window. You could almost see the tiny stars spinning around his head. At first I thought he was going to die of shock, but I kept him warm and eventually he shook it off enough to fly to the top of the wisteria arbor, where he sat for at least another half hour before flying off.

Edit: I’m told this is a Golden Crowned Kinglet (!) and now that I’ve gone and read a bit about them, I think it may be a queenlet, because the males apparently have an orange spot in the gold streak on the head. I’d thought it was a boy because of the bright colors. At least I could tell it was a bird…heh.

Carol was in today, getting more KickStarter rewards out the door…and we discovered that we are very close to the end of the current volume of Girl Genius. This is worrying, since we’re still shipping the last one. Argh.

I’ve been working on the last of the old KickStarter rewards that I’ve still got on my “to do” list. This week, I’ve been remastering all the old wallpapers. I’m going back to the master files and re-exporting everything as highest quality jpegs. I’m also making new size ratio versions of some of the older wallpapers. I should have had it all done ages ago. It’s taking so long, I think I’ll have to take some time out from the project to work on one of the other things we promised as a stretch goal: the PDF print-your-own box for volumes 1-13 project. This will probably take less time than remastering all those wallpapers. I’m determined to get the LSFW (less safe for work) set done before I move on to the box, though.

Eventually, I will get all these old monkeys off my back and move on to new monkeys projects!