Kirkland Geek Gala: This Saturday!


So, the last I heard, there were still some tickets left for the Kirkland Geek Gala, where Phil and I will be special guests, along with Improv comedy group Unexpected Productions, actress/costumer/gorgeousperson Victoria Schmidt (Scruffy Rebel) and international geek dance sensation Matt Harding of “Where the Hell is Matt?”.

It will be fun! The company will be great, and the venue looks amazing. There will be, among other things, drinks and dinner, and the whole thing is for charity. And I think there are a few tickets left. You should check.

It’s Been A Busy Couple of Weeks…

robot_queen_victoria copy copy

I just finished up the illustrations for ‘Munchkin Steampunk’ for Steve Jackson Games. It was a lot of fun, but it was over a hundred and eighty illustrations in slightly less than two months. So on the one hand, I was carting around art supplies whenever I left the house (which is something that our friends are used to), on the other hand, I’m pretty pleased with how they all turned out, especially now that it’s all done.

I don’t know the exact release date, but I think we were all hoping to have it out in time for GenCon or some such. We will certainly let you know when we do.

This Friday, since we have a new novel out and everything ( we are continuing to act like actual authors, and are doing an actual author appearance at the Barnes & Noble at Alderwood Mall, which is slightly north of Seattle (19401 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA 98036, 425-771-2220) . We always feel kind of odd being in a real bookstore and everything, so we hope to see a bunch of friendly faces. They want us to talk about how we make Girl Genius, show a couple of original pages from the comic, and do a reading from the new novel. Then we will dance. Things get rolling at 7:30 PM.

Hey! It’s Out!

So! The big news! Our third novel has been published! Agatha H and the Voice of the Castle is out in hardcover and we are pretty darn pleased with the way it came out. You should buy one, or perhaps several, as they are large and radiate quite a bit of heat.

Sorry I’ve been silent for awhile, but I have been grinding away at a couple of projects. Now I know that these days, instead of just keeping my head down and actually doing the work, I should be talking about how I’m grinding away at a project, as well as what I had for lunch, what is currently burning outside my window, and what the hell is the dog eating, and why is it still screaming? Back in my day what a family chose to do in the backyard at night with shovels was their business, but we’re all part of this big interweb hootenanny thing now, so we’ve just got to buck up and stick to the one passport, I guess.

Luckily, we are now working with a person who wants us to be “media savvy” and “21st Century creators”. Fair enough, I can “dig” where she’s coming from, as you kids say. Thus, I guess we’ll start “Tweeting on Red Box” or whatever, and work our way up from there.

The Steampunk Symposium in Seattle…and GG Cosplay Contest

Girl Genius Cosplay at the London WorldCon!

Girl Genius Cosplay at the London WorldCon!

Our beloved SteamCon is dead, more’s the pity…especially since Phil and I were finally going to get to be guests this year. Oh, well.

Taking its place is the Seattle Steamposium. The folks putting it on also do Steampunk conventions in Sacramento and Long Beach–and I believe they’re also the people responsible for the fantastic time I had on the Queen Mary a year or so back. At any rate...

The Seattle Steamposium is September 26-28. It’s coming up soon. Phil and I will be in the Vendor’s hall, as usual, and I hope we’ll see a lot of you there. The main reason I’m posting, though, is that the costume contest has a “Girl Genius Cosplay” category. I’m kind of hoping someone will actually enter in this category…this could be kind of embarrassing, otherwise. By the way, the category is there not because we asked for it, but because the lovely people putting on the convention thought it might be fun. In other words, they did it on their own. Excuse me while I squee a bit…


Okay. I’m good.

So, if you’re in Seattle, and heading for the Steamposium, please consider entering the Costume Contest! In your Girl Genius gear! Yes! We’ll be giving out some lovely prizes, and I’m even going to try to have new badge ribbons for the con, assuming I can get them in time.

Pies and the First Tea Company!

Professoressa Foglio, looking for trouble.

Professoressa Foglio, looking for trouble.

Tonight we’re all eating pie…Phil and the experiments have their garlic-y Italian pies, and I have a lovely little steak and ale pie that I found at the Yuppie Candy Store that is Trader Joe’s. Nom. Finding very nice meat pies in the US isn’t as easy as one might hope. I usually resort to making my own. I am especially fond of fruit and meat pies, and indeed one of my fondest memories of my time in the SCA is waking up one morning to the song of a passing pieman, who sold me glorious little turnovers filled with beef and apricot. I’ve always been a sucker for food that lets me pretend I’m at an inn in a fantasy novel…stews and sturdy brown breads and little pies and all that. While I wait for the rest of the party, I can stuff my face.

One of the things I bought in the tourist pits of London is the British Museum’s Medieval Cookbook. People look at me funny when I say that I’m interested in historical food, but I love my cookbook collection.

Still, the best thing I found in England was the work (and person) of Dr. Geof and the First Tea Company. The good Doctor was in the vendor hall at WorldCon, and he was always mobbed with an admiring…er…mob. Being utterly charmed, I escaped our booth and joined the throng whenever I could. All good Steampunks should join up with the First Tea Company, and get your insignia patches and pins and all that ASAP. Never again will you have to explain how you like your tea. In fact, at WorldCon, he was out of several of the (gorgeous, hilarious, brilliant) patches I wanted, so now I need to go and sweep up the last few items I couldn’t get at the time.


Challenge Completed!

As you may- or may not know, recently the professors were dragooned into this whole ALS Ice Bucket Thing. Here we are making fools of ourselves for a good cause. It was surprisingly refreshing (

(I must point out, for the sake of clarification, that it was the being doused with ice water that was refreshing. The making fools of ourselves is a rather regular occurrence, sadly).

If you wish to contribute, you don’t even have to get wet. Here is the ALS’ own page outlining a superfluity of ways that you can give them money (;jsessionid=DDA26DD0B54D3BB1238A07F70D482996.app296b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1). Be a sport (by which I mean be someone unusual), and send ‘em a few bucks.

Kaja adds: This was posted by Phil, who keeps logging in as me because the autofill on his computer needs updating.



Today We Looked At Old Stuff


Easy enough to do here, I’ll grant you, since you can walk past a modern Starbucks which is slap up against a 1200 year old block of flats covered in crenellations and plaques letting you know that the ‘In Order to Sayve Ye City of London, Ye Right Honorable Lord Mayor Ate A Cat Upon Thys Very Spot in 1307′.

We wandered about a bit. Saw The Clink (, which is a medieval prison which was so horrible that it gave its name to future horrible prisons. It was run by the local Bishop, who invented several now commonplace forms of graft, corruption and bribery. The most entertaining part of this exhibit were the numerous signs scattered through-out, which were for The Kids, upon which a friendly looking plague rat made such cogent remarks as; “Remember kids, hot irons are for laundry! Don’t try this at home!” This is one of the (admittedly) few instances when I don’t have to make stuff up.

We also found The Golden Hind 2, a life size reproduction of Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship. We didn’t go aboard, because we are cheap. Apparently sturdy British children can have overnight sleep-overs aboard. They are issued Tudor sailor uniforms, taught how to run lines and perform emergency amputations with a multiplex knife and hot tar. They are then fed a Tudor dinner and sleep on deck. We are assured tat the chances that the pernicious Spanish will attack in the night are “very low.” The next morning the survivors are fed a continental breakfast and thrown over the side. Very educational.

The rest of the day we spent wandering around The Tower of London. This took a lot longer than I thought it would, but we were mighty entertained. We did NOT get into see The Royal Jewels, because every yoik in the Empire is determined to see them, and the line regularly stretches all the way back to the river.

The Tower was fascinating not just for its antiquity, but because it is still a living institution. People live there, and some of the business of the Empire is still done there. Plus any place that has been around for a thousand years is bound to accumulate a few interesting anecdotes.

Experiment # 2 and I are rather jazzed about the fact that we’ll actually be here when the new Dr. Who premiers. The new guy looks interesting.

And now, loyal Girl Genius readers, our idiocy can be to your benefit; We wanted to take the Experiments to see some Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre. We actually managed to get tickets for Julius Caesar on August 27! Yay us. Then I was reminded that we were actually leaving England on August 25. God dammit. Now apparently this is not uncommon, and I expect that the theatre makes a great deal of money from people who make incorrect bookings, since they say; No refunds. No exchanges. Fuck them. However I will not let them play to empty seats. So. If you are in London on Wednesday, August 27, and want to see Julius Caesar at the Globe Theatre at 7:30 PM, then be the first person to send me a message via the Facebook, and I will send you the info you need to claim them from Will Call at the box office. Just promise me you’ll slap them when you pick them up.