Things that Happened Today


This little guy bashed into Phil’s window. You could almost see the tiny stars spinning around his head. At first I thought he was going to die of shock, but I kept him warm and eventually he shook it off enough to fly to the top of the wisteria arbor, where he sat for at least another half hour before flying off.

Edit: I’m told this is a Golden Crowned Kinglet (!) and now that I’ve gone and read a bit about them, I think it may be a queenlet, because the males apparently have an orange spot in the gold streak on the head. I’d thought it was a boy because of the bright colors. At least I could tell it was a bird…heh.

Carol was in today, getting more KickStarter rewards out the door…and we discovered that we are very close to the end of the current volume of Girl Genius. This is worrying, since we’re still shipping the last one. Argh.

I’ve been working on the last of the old KickStarter rewards that I’ve still got on my “to do” list. This week, I’ve been remastering all the old wallpapers. I’m going back to the master files and re-exporting everything as highest quality jpegs. I’m also making new size ratio versions of some of the older wallpapers. I should have had it all done ages ago. It’s taking so long, I think I’ll have to take some time out from the project to work on one of the other things we promised as a stretch goal: the PDF print-your-own box for volumes 1-13 project. This will probably take less time than remastering all those wallpapers. I’m determined to get the LSFW (less safe for work) set done before I move on to the box, though.

Eventually, I will get all these old monkeys off my back and move on to new monkeys projects!

Our Lives as Would-Be Murderers

murderersTwo weekends ago, James Ernest of Cheapass Games threw a pretty great slumber party up at the Old Consulate Inn in Port Townsend. The actual point of the gathering was a film shoot for the upcoming 19.5 year anniversary release of James’ most popular game: Kill Doctor Lucky.

The game is an old-fashioned murder mystery prequel. Every guest at Lucky Mansion has an excellent reason to want Doctor Lucky dead–and everyone wants to be the one to do it. So everyone is sneaking around the mansion trying to kill Doctor Lucky, and keep the others from killing him first.

…and that is exactly what we all did for the cameras. It was huge amounts of fun. I can’t wait to see the footage.

The Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta (and Fancy Hat Party) at Steamposium


Here is Cheyenne and the winners of the 2015 Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta at the Seattle Steamposium. Congratulations, all you winning captains and crews, and confusion to all the dastardly air pirates whose target practice event was incomprehensibly scheduled for the same time and venue. (How does that keep happening?)

Also, congratulations to Cheyenne, Eli and Maxine, who organized the spectacular extravaganza!

Trilobite Gingerbread Molds, Old and New

tiff_trilomoldHere’s a lovely thing our friend Tiff made for us…he even sent us the cookies! (Yum.)

When Phil and I traveled in and around Germany, many years ago, we discovered that towns in that part of the World often have their own specialty gingerbread, in traditional shapes. This was delightful, and clearly inspirational– readers of Girl Genius will know that Agatha’s city of Mechanicsburg is known for its gingerbread cookies shaped like trilobites. I await the day when we have the capital to manufacture specialty gingerbread molds to own designs.

In the meantime, I have become fond of the molds for sale from House on the Hill. Lovely work, but no trilos. I also found this gem (with picture) online many years ago, and have kept it carefully tucked away since:

“The Museum of Bohemian Karst in the town of Beroun southwest of Prague (Barrandian area, Czech Republic) possesses in its ethnographical collections two gingerbread molds in the form of trilobites…These two wooden trilobite gingerbread molds are true rarities. They exemplify the deep-rooted tradition of trilobite collecting in the Barrandian area — a tradition here seen to extend into everyday objects in the life of the local people.”  —-Irena Jancarikova & Ivo Chlupac
 Charles University, Prague


Jančaříková I., Chlupáč I. (1993): Trilobites as gingerbread molds. The Trilobite Papers 5, 23–24.

Of course, if you don’t like messing with cookie molds, there’s always George Hart’s ever popular method, where the trilos are made with a cookie press and chocolate. People used to send me links to this page at the rate of about one a week, back in the day! Wonderful!

Then, the Mail Makes me Happy Again

Carol and I are still working away at getting all the KickStarter rewards mailed. It’s a big job! So, yes, the post is making me work, but then something like this package from the Discworld Emporium arrives:discloot02



and makes me very happy indeed. The wall hook at the bottom right is a little icon of Anoia, the Goddess of Things that Get Stuck in Drawers. It says “Keep Safe our Kitchen and Guard our Drawers.” Hee.

…and, of course, I can always use another tea towel.

Steamposium Seattle is Coming this Weekend!

Yes, it’s Steamposim Seattle! The Second annual Steamposium event here in the Northwest, and we’ll be there! As you can see from the lovely poster Cheyenne has created for the con, there will be a reprisal of the traditional airship regatta that he and his wife Eli used to run at Steamcon, back in the day. Phil and I will also be doing a reading, and yes, there WILL be another Girl Genius radio play! We got a couple of big boxes of Steampunk Munchkin in just yesterday, so we’re all set. I hope we’ll see you there! ggmain20150922