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Just the basics

New Additions to the KickStarter for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails

I’ve added a couple of things to the new KickStarter page–a special icon for supporters to use, and a free downloadable wallpaper just for visiting. The link for the wallpaper is about halfway down the page. I’ve also got the art for the Corbettite patch ready to go to the patch makers, here it is:


Yes, we’re doing another KickStarter campaign, our third so far! (Some of our licensees have also done KS campaigns involving Girl Genius, but this is only the third one that’s our own.) Carol and I spent the last two days poking at spreadsheets and getting the campaign set up, and finally, yesterday afternoon, we pushed the button to activate the whole thing. It was a bit terrifying.

This new campaign is for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails. It’s book one in the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, and it’s a great place to jump into the story if you’re new to the series, or have lost track of where you were in the first part. Please check out the campaign page, and don’t forget to grab the free wallpaper!


Sunday at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave!


We’re heading into the last day of Killer Robot Games’ KickStarter for the Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg Court game Legendary Showdown, Machines and Magic! Above I’ve posted yet another picture of the Moxana fob that is one of the rewards, because I can’t get enough of it. There are several other rewards as well, including the wonderful battle magnet set featuring GG and Gunnerkrigg characters. Please support the campaign if you want one of these great rewards!

It’s Sunday here at the Conclave, and we’re here in the dealer’s room. It’s been a lot of fun! The radio play was fun. This new one has so many characters that we had to pull most of the Friday night audience into the show. Thank goodness for the Aether Brigade, who showed up to read a bunch of parts for us. The Aether Brigade is the local time-traveling comedy troupe, and their show last night was a huge success. They even let me do something. (heh heh heh.)

Cheyenne was here, too, and he spent a lot of the time running a Savage Worlds campaign set in the Girl Genius world. Apparently it was a lot of fun, three people have stopped by to say they loved it. I do know that the materials he’d written up were really fun to read.

James Ernest is also here, demoing a whole bunch of his games. We had a whole pile of his Pairs decks here at the con, so he signed a bunch of those. Now he’s leaving for the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas. Visit him if you’ll be there!

And now, our Q&A session is due to start in about twenty minutes. Are you here at the conclave? Come and ask us questions!

Our Espionage Cosmetics Field Trip

Some of you may remember Espionage Cosmetics and the Nailed It! Kickstarter they ran a while back. Well, the Girl Genius nail wraps came in, and Marie, Linda and I drove down to the Espionage offices in Tacoma for the official “pick up your KickStarter stuff” party. The Espionage offices are great, full of the kind of terrific nerdy stuff you’d expect at a company that makes Doctor Who and Firefly-inspired cosmetics. Plus, they fed us cupcakes. Here are the wraps themselves, along with the two I picked up for personal use:espionage02

Lovely! …and here I am with three boxes of Girl Genius nail wraps:


These things are insanely easy to use, I slapped a set on right before going onstage at last year’s San Diego Comicon Masquerade. We’ll be selling them on our store soon, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, they have lots of other great designs at!

Hugo Nominations Are About to Close!


If you are a member of Sasquan, the World Science Fiction Convention (, then you should exercise your right to nominate the finalist for the prestigious Hugo Award. Seriously. Get to work, you.

I’ve had a number of people ask me what I’m nominating this year in the Graphic Story category. This is certainly the area where I have the most expertise (for what it’s worth), so I’ve decided to list them for people who may not know who is doing what out there.  Again, I must concede that everything on my list is a webcomic. That’s because I think some of the best graphic stories are being done by webcomic creators. Even if you don’t vote for them, check them out (They’re free!)

I will start out with our own ‘Girl Genius and the Beast of the Rails’ Phil & Kaja Foglio & Cheyenne Wright. Published by Airship Entertainment. ( I have a vested interest in this one, and freely admit it.

The Order of the Stick; Blood Runs In The Family. Rich Burlew. Published by Giant in the Playground Games. You think we’re taking a long time telling the Girl Genius story? Ha! Check this out. However Rich cheats by being very funny, damn him. (

Widdershins; Piece of Cake. Kate Ashwin. Widdershins Press. Delightful comic about magical detectives. Great characters! (

Schlock Mercenary; Broken Wind. Howard Taylor. Hypernode Media. Hard Science fiction with space mercenaries and aliens and everything. Jeez! Read it already! (

Stand Still-Stay Silent. Mina Sundberg. The most gorgeous post apocalyptic story you will ever see. (

So there they are- nominate and enjoy!

How Exciting- We’re Having A Sale!


Our publisher just let me know (seriously- just a little while ago) that we’re having a sale on the electronic versions of our previous book- Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess. And when I say ‘sale’, I’m not just whistling Dixie. You can get this fine textbook, crammed with a finely nuanced blend of consonants AND vowels, all tastefully punctuated in the English style, formatted for either your Nook ( or Kindle ( for a mere $1.99, which is substantially less than it cost us to make it. How do they do it? SCIENCE!

Now if it was me, I’d have run this sale when I knew that more of my readers were checking important stuff out on their computers, i.e., 9 AM, Monday morning. But they are doing it RIGHT NOW, and the goal is to try to sell enough copies to make it onto the Times Bestseller List. I fully expect to get a pony first, but we would certainly appreciate it if we did.

Today I finished up the cover to the new collection; Beast of the Rails, for which we’ll be running a Kickstarter sometime in March.

So This Is the Future, Is It?


Today I am drawing away on the cover for the next Girl Genius Collection. Now drawing is different from writing, in that I don’t have to cogitate, really. This allows me to listen to podcasts and other spoken-word thingies that would completely derail me if I was writing. Today I was listening to the audiobook version of our latest novel; Agatha H & The Voice of the Castle. (And yes, I do so for reasons other than sheer vanity) I had been wondering when I’d get to, as I had seen that it was out awhile ago, but had not received a copy from our publishers. I finally asked, and discovered that as far as contractually obligated freebies go, our publisher lets us download a free copy off of Audible ( This pleasant, as it meant that less than three minutes later, it was playing on my computer.

Once again the reader is Ms. Angela Dawe, who does a crackerjack job.  It sells for about $18, and is over 17 hours long, so from a time/motion standpoint, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Even better, when you consider that if you’re signing up for the first time, you can get it for free (relax, we still get paid). So check it out!