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Just the basics

Huzzah! The Kickstarter is Over–

IMG_1481-and we did pretty well. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to all the people who are crying that they ‘just missed’ the campaign (sigh), rest assured that we will have stuff for sale as soon as possible. Not everything, of course, the fabulous accoutrements that we said are campaign exclusives, are indeed campaign exclusives and those who did not claim them by contributing to the Kickstarter will be forced to stand to the side and watch those who did as they stride, glittering, amongst you. Take some comfort in gnashing your teeth, and vowing to your Dark Gods to support our next campaign–OR ELSE!

In other news, I am always happy when webcartoonists engage in the fun game of “shout out”, where you reference other creators comics, and they do the same to you. We have one such in today’s Girl Genius, where I get to portray ‘Doc’ from The Whiteboard (, who has actually shouted out to us several times. Doc is one of my favorite comic mad scientists. I was introduced to the Whiteboard by my old friend Alice Bentley (who is now a partner at Dreamhaven Books []). When I asked her what the strip was about, she just looked at me for a minute and then confessed that although she’d been reading it for years, she still wasn’t sure. Having read it for years myself now, I believe it has something to do with paintball, but don’t quote me.

Sketchbook Reprints, a New Sketchbook, and possible New Patches at the KickStarter!

Our KickStarter campaign (one more week!)  is creeping up on the stretch goal that will allow us to make these two patches:gglogo_patches_sample

and has already passed the stretch goal that will allow us to reprint three of our old convention sketchbooks: the Jägerific, the Sparks and Oddities, and the Krosp collections. We will also be able to make a new one, we’re going through the sketches to see what to include. All of these are now available as add-ons to the campaign. sketchbooks_sample

A New Podcast and a Video from the Aether Brigade!

We have two new servings of entertainment-like-news-product today! One is a new podcast from Studio Foglio, with a guest spot from some of the wonderful people from Pork Filled Productions, a Seattle-based theater company! A while back, Pork Filled charmed the local Steampunk community with Maggie Lee’s play: The Clockwork Professor. Now they’re gearing up for her next one: The Tumbleweed Zephyr. We’re very much looking forward to it!

And if you haven’t had enough of us–there’s a new Aether Brigade video up on the YouTubes featuring Phil, Cheyenne and Kaja (that’s me!) being interviewed by some illustrious members of the Brigade. They gave us whiskey, so I don’t really remember much about that one, but I do remember that it was fun. The title of their interview show is “Awful Intercourse…” but I’m reasonably sure it’s safe for work…maybe? (Not everything they do is, be warned…) We met the Aether Brigade last month at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave, and were privileged to catch one of their evening comedy shows–and even participate a little. Such shenanigans!

A KickStarter Update: More Free GG Advertising Poster levels added!

The Early-Bird Conductor and Early-Bird Engineer levels on the KickStarter include–at no extra charge, mind you–one of our old Girl Genius promotional posters from the very beginning of the comic. They’re folded and have been in a box in our basement for a decade or so, but they’re kind of fun for fans of the series and/or intrepid archaeologists.

Those levels filled up very quickly, to the dismay of some of our supporters. But to our delight, we found another small box of posters! (If running a KickStarter campaign isn’t enough, we are also in the midst of a deep-cleaning of the house. We need the space.) So on Tuesday, we started letting our supporters know that the free extra poster levels would become available on Wednesday.

A lot of our existing “Conductor” and “Engineer” level supporters have now changed their supporter levels to the “Early Bird” versions, but there are still some spaces left! If you want to change your level, it’s easy, there’s a little blue “Manage” button for your pledge right up near the right side of the page–in the green “You’re a Backer!” box. Just click on that button and then choose a new pledge level. If you haven’t pledged yet, you can now get in on those “Early Bird” levels, even though they’re not so “Early” any more. Win!extraposter_sample

We’re also adding all kinds of nice stretch-goals and add-ons–in addition to the signed bookplates and campaign-exclusive stickers and patches. Now, thanks to stretch goals, everyone getting a book in the mail will also get a “Thank You” picture of Bangladesh DuPree, similar to the Agatha and Mamma Gkika pictures from the past two campaigns.

I’m wearing out my fingers getting all the production work done for this campaign, I’ll have more art up as I get it in viewable shape. Thank you for your support and patience, everybody!

More soon–Kaja

New Additions to the KickStarter for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails

I’ve added a couple of things to the new KickStarter page–a special icon for supporters to use, and a free downloadable wallpaper just for visiting. The link for the wallpaper is about halfway down the page. I’ve also got the art for the Corbettite patch ready to go to the patch makers, here it is:


Yes, we’re doing another KickStarter campaign, our third so far! (Some of our licensees have also done KS campaigns involving Girl Genius, but this is only the third one that’s our own.) Carol and I spent the last two days poking at spreadsheets and getting the campaign set up, and finally, yesterday afternoon, we pushed the button to activate the whole thing. It was a bit terrifying.

This new campaign is for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails. It’s book one in the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, and it’s a great place to jump into the story if you’re new to the series, or have lost track of where you were in the first part. Please check out the campaign page, and don’t forget to grab the free wallpaper!


Sunday at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave!


We’re heading into the last day of Killer Robot Games’ KickStarter for the Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg Court game Legendary Showdown, Machines and Magic! Above I’ve posted yet another picture of the Moxana fob that is one of the rewards, because I can’t get enough of it. There are several other rewards as well, including the wonderful battle magnet set featuring GG and Gunnerkrigg characters. Please support the campaign if you want one of these great rewards!

It’s Sunday here at the Conclave, and we’re here in the dealer’s room. It’s been a lot of fun! The radio play was fun. This new one has so many characters that we had to pull most of the Friday night audience into the show. Thank goodness for the Aether Brigade, who showed up to read a bunch of parts for us. The Aether Brigade is the local time-traveling comedy troupe, and their show last night was a huge success. They even let me do something. (heh heh heh.)

Cheyenne was here, too, and he spent a lot of the time running a Savage Worlds campaign set in the Girl Genius world. Apparently it was a lot of fun, three people have stopped by to say they loved it. I do know that the materials he’d written up were really fun to read.

James Ernest is also here, demoing a whole bunch of his games. We had a whole pile of his Pairs decks here at the con, so he signed a bunch of those. Now he’s leaving for the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas. Visit him if you’ll be there!

And now, our Q&A session is due to start in about twenty minutes. Are you here at the conclave? Come and ask us questions!

Our Espionage Cosmetics Field Trip

Some of you may remember Espionage Cosmetics and the Nailed It! Kickstarter they ran a while back. Well, the Girl Genius nail wraps came in, and Marie, Linda and I drove down to the Espionage offices in Tacoma for the official “pick up your KickStarter stuff” party. The Espionage offices are great, full of the kind of terrific nerdy stuff you’d expect at a company that makes Doctor Who and Firefly-inspired cosmetics. Plus, they fed us cupcakes. Here are the wraps themselves, along with the two I picked up for personal use:espionage02

Lovely! …and here I am with three boxes of Girl Genius nail wraps:


These things are insanely easy to use, I slapped a set on right before going onstage at last year’s San Diego Comicon Masquerade. We’ll be selling them on our store soon, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, they have lots of other great designs at!