What am I supposed to be doing, again?

I’m working on getting Phil set up here. There is much swearing. I don’t know why, WordPress seems to be fairly user-friendly. He probably didn’t have coffee this morning.All I really want to do is work on my Exodar rep in WoW so I can buy their space elephants (er, I mean elekks) but I have a pile of stuff to do before that.

My Mom is having her Christmas party for her fellow adventurers tomorrow, and I have volunteered to be the maid. She’s just had shoulder surgery AND eye surgery, so she’s in need of someone to lift things. Also, she has a billion friends and a tiny little house, and she always lights a lot of candles, so I’ll let you all know how the fire went. It’ll be festive!

Tonight, I’ll be finishing up the designs for the KickStarter reward medals, also the steins. Phil is going out to do a radio interview about the new game, but I think I will better serve the hive by staying here and getting that stuff done. Phil can go be fabulous on the radio, I’ll stay here and be fabulous on the Internet. Or something like that. Anyway, I’ll post the results as soon as I have them. Phil has also drawn us a coat of arms for Mechanicsburg!