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Here We Go Again…

ImageHere We Go Again…

This weekend we will be at Emerald City Comicon here in the ecotopia known as Seattle. Emerald City has become the de facto first important convention of the year, as it continues to grow at an alarming pace. It already occupies the cavernous Convention Center, but now it has grown fourth-dimensionally, to a full three days. Yay. It has grown to the point where the local news sources are aware of it, as is the usually oblivious hoi polloi. In fact, it’s always gives us a bit of a disconnect when we hear locals yammering on about ‘Comic Con’, because it takes us several seconds before we realize that they are talking about ECCC, because when we hear ‘Comic Con’, we think San Diego Comic Con, which, in our opinion, has established a sort of common law folk mythos trademark claim to the phrase ‘Comic Con’ whenever it is bandied about in idle conversation.

Anyway, a show like this involves a lot off work on our part. For one thing, we have to make sure that the webcomic is far enough in advance that Mr. Cheyenne can get Monday’s page colored (as he is the final link in our digital supply chain) in time so that he can get to attend the con and stalk about (as is his due) the entire weekend and still collapse into a dark slumber all the next day.

Then we have to pack up the booth and the stock and the promotional materials and the table furnishings and load them into the Studio Foglio go–mobile (pictured) and drive it all down town. This is a local convention, which is quite different from an out–of–town convention. For one thing, I can screw around a lot longer. As long as I get my act together long enough to secure a booth, I can then drop back into my primordial slumber until it’s actually time to leave the house. We will be in Booth 1204, and hope to see your smiling faces.

In outside work, I’ve committed myself to doing work for the re-release of Deadwood, by Cheapass Games. So committed in fact, that they’re using my art as some of the rewards on the Kickstarter, which will be up and running this weekend (here’s a preview site so you can see what they’re offering.)