Monthly Archives: March 2013

Jägers, Sakura, Snow


Here’s the black and white arms of Mechanicsburg, with supporters. Cheyenne is working on the color version, I’ll show it off when we’ve got it!

I have some new pets: three Kwanzan cherry saplings. They probably won’t bloom this year, since it’s a bit late, but I am so happy to finally have them in. I’ve been wanting to get them for years, but our finances were never right at the planting season. We had a Kwanzan cherry in the back yard when I was growing up, and it was my favorite tree. I love the fluffy pink flowers. Right now, Seattle is full of pink blossoms, and it feels like Spring is finally here.

Except that this morning, it snowed for several hours. That was weird…

Girl Genius Pins: Now Available at TopatoCo!


As many of you know, Gizmocracy has licensed Girl Genius for an app game! One of the rewards was a special medal, and I now have samples from the factory. Here is a photo of the three I have kicking around my office. With luck, the final pins will arrive in a few weeks. These were only for the KickStarter supporters, but never fear, we’ll be making other medals for our own KickStarter campaign, which we are going to have to do if we want to actually publish Volume Twelve of the Girl Genius Collections. So, um, watch this space.

We’ve been getting a lot of mail about our other insignia pins, and I’m happy to say that I finally got all the listings and photos to TopatoCo, and they have put them up. We’re quite low on several of the designs, and completely out of a few (Tesla Rangers, Corset Inspector, Adventure Society) but we’ll be making more as quickly as we can. I really want them all back in stock before the Summer conventions.



I was noodling around on The Web looking for a piece of music I heard on the radio, when I discovered an entirely different piece of music that I liked quite a bit. The artist is Opa Tsupa and the tune is ‘Ma Betty Boop à moi’. It’s french (could be cajun, but I don’t think so) jazz, and like all good jazz, you can tell that the musicians are having a blast. I downloaded the whole album ( Now I’m used to family members popping their heads into my studio to ask “What the hell is it that you’re playing?”, but this is one of those rare instances when they claimed that they liked it. Reminded me at times of Steam Powered Giraffe for some reason.

Studio Foglio is gearing up for a double–shot convention weekend.  Experiment # 1 and I shall be going to Wondercon ( March 29-31 in Anaheim. Usually it’s in San Francisco, but apparently we’re too weird for San Francisco, so we get to compete with grown people wearing giant animal heads. (No, I’m not talking about funny animal fandom. These people do it for money. No– wait…)  ANYWAY– Wondercon is a comic book convention, and I will once again be emceeing the masquerade.

Kaja and Experiment # 2, will be attending Sakura Con (, which is an Anime con here in Seattle. Being younger, Kaja is into the anime more than she is into comic books. This generates some small amount of tension around the studio, but since I watch more anime than I read comics, I’ll just have to concede this one. I’m pretty sure there will be some people in animal suits here as well, because apparently it became the new normal when I wasn’t looking, and I have to admit that some of that My Little Pony stuff looks pretty good, but I try not to judge people and ask that you do the same. So, if you’re at one of these cons, drop on by!

My Hat, and Strangling Phil for the Movies


Look! It’s a picture of me! I wore a hat and everything. The hat is from Kelly’s Heroes and was my Mother’s Day present last year. We spent last Mother’s Day weekend down at the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego. It’s a great Steampunk convention in a beautiful resort setting, and there’s always a lot of talent in attendance. Speaking of which, I will be attending again this year! Come and see me if you can, I’ll be reading from the THIRD Girl Genius novel, assuming they’ll let me.

Also, there’s a new video posted over at the Cheapass Games KickStarter for Deadwood Studios, USA, so if you want to see me strangle Phil, go have a look!