Deadwood Studios, USA Kickstarter is LIVE!

Deadwood Cover

This just in: Cheapass Games’ Kickstarter for Deadwood Studios USA has gone live…and just look at that clip art all over the box mockup. Wouldn’t that look better with Phil’s art on it? Yes it would! Fortunately, if they get funded, that box will lose its clip art and receive lovely new artwork from Phil!

Also, you MUST watch the awesome video! I’m sort of in it…(okay, I’m all over the cutting room floor) and Phil is in it a lot. Being a goofball, I might add. Also, Toivo Rovainen (yes, we stole his name for a GG character) is hilarious, with his cowboy Shakespeare. James Ernest (creator of the Cheapass Games) looks positively genial through the whole thing. Which, after knowing him for over twenty years, is just weird. Seriously.

edit: Argh argh argh, why isn’t my picture showing up properly on FaceBook? Gar!