Fun Time in Seattle!

The second day of the Emerald City Comic Con has wrapped up and Lo– It is Impressive. They say that they have around 60 to 70 Thousand people, which I can easily believe, and a LOT of people are harkening back to The San Diego Comicon or around 10 to 15 years ago, when everybody agrees it was a lot more fun and our thighs were thinner.

Everyone is trying to figure out why the con is so nice, even though it is such a behemoth, and the generally accepted opinion is that It Is A Comic Show. Something that San Diego hasn’t been for close to a decade. There are no vast islands filled with Pirates of the Caribbean ships, there are no enormous screens filled with brain-dead Saturday Morning cartoon wanna–bes. There are no hordes of booth babes with dead eyes handing out toys, or shirts or paper masks that’ll wind up in a landfill somewhere Monday morning.

It just comics. And it’s not even the corporate comics everyone hates. The biggest company there is Dark Horse, and they’re being pretty low key, bless ’em. Everybody else is a small, independent company, where the booth is staffed by the guys who sign the checks. There are also lots of independent creators. Artists and writers sitting at a table with a book they believe in and man, you can feel the energy in the air. This is a show by and for people who love comics, and there is a very good chance that it’ll stay that way.

The guy in charge is a chap named Jim Demonakos, who has been involved in the comics industry as a creative person ( for years. He’s seen San Diego grow and warp out of control, and apparently, he’s learned from it. Oh, perhaps I’m being naive, and even as we speak Nickelodeon is inking a deal with Jim where he gets an ox that craps real gold and next year there will be a gigantic merry–go–round of video screens in the middle of the floor that’ll continuously fire T–shirt guns into the crowd , but I sure hope not.

Fuck those guys. We don’t need them.