Girl Genius Pins: Now Available at TopatoCo!


As many of you know, Gizmocracy has licensed Girl Genius for an app game! One of the rewards was a special medal, and I now have samples from the factory. Here is a photo of the three I have kicking around my office. With luck, the final pins will arrive in a few weeks. These were only for the KickStarter supporters, but never fear, we’ll be making other medals for our own KickStarter campaign, which we are going to have to do if we want to actually publish Volume Twelve of the Girl Genius Collections. So, um, watch this space.

We’ve been getting a lot of mail about our other insignia pins, and I’m happy to say that I finally got all the listings and photos to TopatoCo, and they have put them up. We’re quite low on several of the designs, and completely out of a few (Tesla Rangers, Corset Inspector, Adventure Society) but we’ll be making more as quickly as we can. I really want them all back in stock before the Summer conventions.