Hey, It’s the weekend!


So Kaja just came back from The Steampunk Garage Sale (where sadly, she was not able to buy a steampunk garage), and promptly got sick. Apparently she caught something from Experiment # 2, who caught something from one of her little friends at school. Thus I expect to come down with it sometime in the next 48 hours and so the cycle of life goes on. She is currently camped out on The Comfy Chair in my studio, feeling sorry for herself and reading saucy manga.

People keep asking us about the situation with Night Shade & Skyhorse. I see that a lot of people posted to their respective Facebook pages, which is quite gratifying. The answer, of course, is I don’t know. It’s the weekend, so everyone has plenty of time to stew without being able to actually do anything. We shall see what happens when everyone is back in the office and actually expected to answer their phones.

According to the local weather reports, the weather should improve to the point where it stays above 50º Farenheit through the night, which means that I can plant tomatoes. Yay! I have spent the last few winter months preparing the bed, and I actually got some Mason Bees to help with the pollination. (We shall see how well that works out, the lazy swine are still all cocooned up, and my damn cherry tree is about to blossom. The tree was the reason I got the stupid things, as apparently there are no active bees around here, and last year I got four [count them…4] cherries.) But I have great hopes for them; I built them a little lodge and I learned the secret handshake and everything.