Oh. This again.

Yay! Today was my birthday. Unlike most people my age (not that there are many of us left), I actually still take a childlike joy in my birthday, if only because I adhere to the old tradition of just doing whatever I want. Now there are many who say that this is pretty much a blueprint for my entire life, but they are quite wrong, as I distinctly remember “Become a millionaire before I’m 30 and too old to enjoy it” occupying a prominent place on my to–do list for quite some time. (The listing is still there, but it has been seriously edited down over the years, and my annual perusal reveals that it now simply reads; “Become too old”.) I think I can do that.

I’m off to a good start– I’ve lived longer than my father did (53). His side of the family was prone to serious heart problems, when they weren’t being rubbed out for breaking omerta. Grand–pa did better, lasting until 89. I suspect it was because he made his own wine, and considered any batch that came in under 50 proof to be a bit of a failure. He’s also the one who taught me how to grow tomatoes. Great–grandpa lasted until 104, when he was hit by a car crossing the street. I like to think I can do better than that, I want to get hit by a spaceship.

The family showered me with gifts; Kaja got me a pineapple plant for my studio, Experiment # 2 got me a gong wind–chime, and Experiment # 1 got me a video game (Bioshock Infinite. Yes! Good bye, productivity!)

The shank of the day was taken up with the initial filming for our Kickstarter video. We’re having it done by our pal, James Ernest, who is the ichiban behind Cheapass Games and does all their videos. These have proven most droll. We hope to get it all up and rolling sometime next week. Stay tuned.

Kaja is rushing about packing. She will be gallivanting the weekend away at the annual Gaslight Gathering (http://gaslightgathering.org/), a fine old steampunk soirée being held down in San Diego. It is an excellent little party con where people dress up nice and trot out their finest Victorian manners, so I’m not allowed to go. You should go, if you can, and have a nice time for me.