Maid of Win.

So, the always entertaining Steampunk Chronicle ( just announced their 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards, and Girl Genius won both Best Graphic Novel and Best Webcomic. Boo-yah! Take that World Science Fiction Society! I must say that I heartily concur with most of the rest of the winners as well, which is unusual , considering my jaded palate. A big thanks to everyone who voted for us, and everybody is invited to the big party at the Steampunk Chronicle Publisher’s house.

Kaja continues to have a fine old time at Gaslight Gathering, where I’m told that she has discovered that she really likes Rum & Coke, so if you see someone waltzing about the hotel, singing the hedgehog song, please do us a favor and pretend you don’t know who it is. This plea will be futile, no doubt, as whenever we win things, well–wishers tend to come up to us at conventions and share various mind–altering concoctions that they have bought, brewed, imported, baked or grown, and I, for one, have no wish to discourage this practice.

So we have finally turned the meteorological corner and the warm–ish weather has arrived, which meant that I finally got to put in my vegetables. I put in fifteen different heirloom varieties of tomatoes, some onions, some sweet corn, and some carrots, because the tomatoes like them ( I realize that I May have planted too many tomatoes, but I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a well–written blurb, and there were so many interesting varieties this year (many of them from Russia, interestingly enough), that I had enough trouble paring it down to fifteen. I’ll just haul the vegetable dryer out of the basement.