Kaja is back!


Yay! If only because I’m totally helpless when it comes to doing Experiment # 2’s hair. I keep trying to convince her that she wants a space–marine buzz–cut, but that remains an uphill battle. But as I said–(in so many words) –It is no longer my problem. Yay!

Most of the day was spent working on the Kickstarter, which we hope to unveil later this week. Kaja had close to a hundred post-it notes stuck to my studio wall and she was rearranging them and figuring out which one went where. These notes represented things like rewards, and stretch goals, and cost–of–goods and all of those little necessary details that determine whether your campaign will be a harrowing nightmare or a thing of magic and wonder. We all watched the first cut of the video, which was done by James Ernest, who has discovered that he has a knack for cinematography.

And since we’re talking about such things– took the Experiments out to see Iron Man 3. This was really good. It’s nice to see a mad scientist as the hero, even though he wasn’t the one who wanted to take over the world, but I assume they’ll correct this minor character flaw in a future film. The experiments had a fine old time, and not just because they had Japanese food and frozen yogurt afterwards. Kaja saw it while she was on the road, so we were all on the same page when she got back.

And in annoying news, I had been planning on attending this year’s Phoenix Comic Con (http://www.phoenixcomicon.com/). It looks like a great show, and a lot of other creators really recommend it, but since so many of our books are out of stock, quite honestly, I can’t really afford to go. I fought the logic for the last week or so, but I added stuff up one last time and just had to throw up my hands. Next year.