Today I Went to School.


There is an organization called Watchdog Dads (, their thing is getting fathers more involved with their kids schooling, which is certainly a laudable goal. What this entails for me, is picking a day and going to the school and being an all around helper and dogsbody. You help the librarian shelve books. You stand around on the playground and hope some loser with a gun doesn’t show up. You make sure kids eat their lunch. You listen to kindergarteners read to you. You are moving all day, and when you sit down, it’s in a chair designed for– if you are lucky– a sixth grader. You also get to spend time in your own kid’s classroom, where you desperately hope they don’t eat paste.

Apparently 95% of Watchdog Dads tend to come from kids in the first two or three grades. I will admit that after the first few years of the school experience, the magic sort of fades and there’s a feeling that it’s definitely time for someone else to blow an entire day helping the slow child string beads on a thread for their mom. But am I not a jolly freelancer? Is this not just the sort of thing I can do that lesser men cannot? Indeed it is, and as it turns out, Experiment # 2 was pretty excited that I was there, which made it all worthwhile. Plus, she did not eat paste. Bonus!

At the other end of the behavioral spectrum, I finished ‘Bioshock Infinite’, which I got for my birthday. I have to say, it was a mighty fine little game. A lot of reviewers claimed that the ending was really good, and I have to admit, It was pretty awesome. I would recommend it. A lot of games have lousy endings, or just sort of stop. This one was complicated enough that I’m waiting for the rest of the family to plow through it, so we can talk about it. Were their problems? Of course. I listen to a very entertaining game reviewer named Yahtzee who summed it up best (; The main bad guy is a raving nutter. One finds it hard to believe that people give him the time of day, let alone swear undying loyalty to him, but it did make for a good game.

The Kickstarter is almost ready to launch. There is a bit of nervousness around the Studio because our Stretch Goals (which are the goals you set if you actually get the initial amount you’re asking for, but nice people keep giving you money), are kind of…well…boring. I mean, usually people are so pumped that they kind of go nuts and start adding stuff like “Okay, every copy of our book will now be bound in twenty dollar bills! And if you keep giving us money, everyone will get a pony. Wait, did I say pony? I meant a unicorn. With wings! Hahahaha!”

Whereas, if we get enough to print our book…we’ll start saving up to print another book. It’s been pointed out more than once that we must pour every bit of excitement we have into our work, because in “real life”, we’re two of the most boring cartoonists on Earth. On the other hand, we get plenty of sleep.