Not Bad For The First Day.

The Switch is thrown and the Kickstarter is chugging away! ( Like an arrow loosed (loostened? loosified? Crap) –Flang at a distant target, there is now not a lot we can really do to make sure that it hits the target (I have several acquaintances who urge me to “Think Positively!” I tried that, and can report that there is a telling dearth of winning lottery tickets spontaneously generating anywhere on the property), except sit there and scream at it, and let me tell you, do that long enough and after awhile, you either faint or lose your voice.

So after I was revived, I found myself unable to do anything really constructive today (I’m told this is normal) and so I wound up doing chores and some shopping and sketches and cooking dinner and checking the damn computer every seven minutes. Now I already know that I’m prone to this sort of compulsive behavior, after all, I check on my tomatoes at least twice a day, and realistically, I shouldn’t see anything interesting out there for several weeks, unless we get those damn giant purple caterpillars again. On the other hand, if they were to show up, I would have a legitimate excuse to spend most of the day outside in the sun with a pair of salad tongs. They’re fierce little devils.