Now the Real Work Begins.


ZOMG! Our Kickstarter ( passed its initial goal today! Huzzah! Thanks to everyone who contributed. This way we don’t have to be embarrassed in front of the other webcomic guys. (Kickstarter seems to have been built for the Webcomic Community, who usually toil away and post their stuff online for free while they slave away as baristas and gigolos to pay the rent. When they realize how much money they have to raise to meet printing costs, they get a deer–in–the–headlights look as the semi–truck of reality hurtles towards them, so it’s nice that there’s a system that allows the readers to actually step up and help out.)

Even for us, as old, jaded, cynical, hard–drinking, ennui suffused professional artists, it’s still pretty darn amazing. However we recognize that the really difficult part is just about to begin.  Yes– we made our initial goal! We can now print Girl Genius Vol. 12! However we now have to convince everyone who mosies on over to the Kickstarter campaign that even though we Officially Made Our Goal, we still want you to pony up more money. But that is exactly what we want you to do, because we  want to get the rest of the books printed. The happy folks at TopatoCo (, which is where you can buy our books (and a lot more besides) can’t sell books if they can’t get books. This is Science.

So, the work part of this. In the next few weeks, we’ll have to come up with an increasingly bizarre series of Rewards. We are convinced that we will have to resort to this, because we figure that anyone who reads our stuff is too jaded, cynical and hard–drinking to get excited over something passé, like a digital bookmark for your PDFs or a naked picture of Agatha or something. challenge accepted! We are already planning some silly stuff. Kaja has a lecture she’s wanted to film about the Steampunk language of fans, and I can record some Jägermonster ringtones, which I’m looking forward to. Will we need this, as well as the other stuff we’re planning? Well, that’s up to you guys, isn’t it?