Daily Archives: May 18, 2013

We Just Hit 100K!

Actually, in time I’ve been writing this (over the course of a few hours, I’ll admit) we’ve hit 109 K, which is more than halfway to the NEXT goal. I find this pretty amazing, and it takes a lot to amaze me these days.

We got a nice write up on Fleen today, (http://www.fleen.com/), where I was refered to as Webcomics’s “Beloved Uncle Figure”.  This creeps me out, but possibly I’m just projecting because I remember what my uncles were like (Let’s just say that I come from the loveable, respectable, and normal–ish branch of the family) For those of you who don’t know about Fleen, it’s where you can catch up on Webcomic news and industry gossip. A pretty specialized site, I’ll admit, but if you create, enjoy or desperately want to hang out with webcomic people (and who could blame you), it’s one of the places to go.

So this evening I hung out with James Ernest, of Cheapass Games (http://www.cheapass.com/), who was the guy who shot our video, and will shoot all the ridiculous videos we’ll be committed to filming through–out this campaign. We talked about some other things we want to do through Kickstarter, since this seems to be the venture system of the future. We agreed that we’ll probably work towards reprinting the Girl Genius Card Game: The Works. It’ll have all new card art, a new design, and James is itching to tweak the mechanic a bit. Naturally, we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch that– probably sometime in the autumn.