Okay, earlier today, we’re preparing an update for our Kickstarter campaign ( and Kaja pops in to tell me that if we make the next goal, we’ll post a picture of me with a pancake on my head in the next update.

Now, Kaja has been working very hard, so I had rather expected something like this, but as I am rolling her up in a wet blanket, I am informed by Experiment # 1, that the whole ‘Pancake On The Head’ thing is a legitimate internet meme, and a quick dose of The Google showed that indeed, hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of this idiocy exist.

Well, we made that particular goal. In record time, I might add. I mean, we’re talking less than twelve hours here. So I unrolled Kaja, and she is downstairs in the galley whipping up a pancake which she will then drape on my head and take a photo of me wearing it. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

In more interesting news, The Hugo packets are available. Allow me to explain for those who showed up late; Every year the World Science Fiction Society gives out awards for Best Science Fiction Novel, Best Artist, Best Graphic Story and whatnot. The people who nominate and vote on these awards are the members of Worldcon, which is the annual World Science Fiction Convention. Because the W.S.F.S. is an organization that believes in an informed electorate, if you are a voting member of the con, you get an electronic version of all of the nominees, (except for movies and TV shows, because those guys are dicks. Fuck them, I always vote ‘No Award’) so that you can actually make an intelligent decision.

This means that buying even a cheap ‘Supporting membership’ entitles you to a peer selected group of the best science fiction books, stories, graphic novels, and assorted writings, which would easily cost you twice as much if you just bought them. This, as we say, is an incredibly sweet deal, and one you can still get in on. ( You might even want to come to the convention. It’s in San Antonio, Texas this year. Mmm…Barbeque.

I bring this up, because I just finished reading all of the graphic story nominees, and if there is any justice in this world, the award will go to Howard Taylor for this year’s Schlock Mercenary: Random Access memorabilia. I think it’s his best book yet. Howard usually produces this as a webcomic (, and unlike us, he updates every god damn day, which in my opinion, is just showing off.