Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Back To It


A nice little extended holiday weekend. I ground through the earlier Bioshock games (awesome), did some grilling and tried to catch up on some outside work. Kaja returned safely from her convention, and now we can return to our regular job, which is fretting over our Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-volume-12-printing-and-reprint-frenzy/?ref=kicktraq).

“What the hell do you have to fret over?” I hear my relatives say, “you funded like two thousand percent over your initial goal.” (um…more like 450%. There is a reason why I do not want them handling my financials) However, when one gets a large chunk of money which is specifically earmarked for actual products, then you have to make sure that you get them out the door, and hope that you accounted for all the intangibles. When you make a certain amount of money, the I.R.S. shows up. Kickstarter and Amazon take a cut and so on. Now, I’m pretty sure that we did the math before we launched this zeppelin, but it’s the one you don’t see coming that kills you, c’est ça. If we manage to fund our business person, sorting all this out will be her first job.

However, it is almost over (5 days and counting), and then we can take a deep breath and get on with it. I will say, any Kickstarter we do in the future? Short campaign. Putting up with this for over a month? Forget it. Plus, we never had that ‘lull’ everyone warned us about. Unless…that’s about to start. Right. Now. AAHH! See? This I don’t need.

Now that the campaign is hurtling towards the finish, we’re starting to field a surprising number of inquiries about the $10,000 We–Put–It-In–Because–Why–Not Level. Admittedly several of them have been along the line of; “You say that for $10,000 Phil will never come to my house. Is this a Forever never? Or is it something I’d have to periodically renew?” Ha ha.