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Today I Am A Good Dad-

–And it didn’t even hurt. Experiment # 2 is crazy for the whole My Little Pony thing. To such an extent that I have actually sat through most of the shows, and discovered that it isn’t bad. In fact, dast I say it? There are parts that are pretty good.

Anyway, Hasbro®, the soulless, octopus–like toy company that owns the property, decided to try to expand the franchise with the rather surprising idea of getting rid of those unnatural talking animals. The result is a trial balloon of a movie called ‘My Little Pony; Equestria Girls’. Here is the plot. Warning: Spoilers a’comin’. Twilight Sparkle’s magic crown is stolen by an evil pony, who takes it to our Earth through a magic portal. Twilight has to go get it back within three days. When she goes through the portal, she has turned into a human. She discovers human avatars of the rest of the pony posse who decide to help her. Hilarity ensues.

Now good luck trying to see this fine thing. A quick Google search will reveal that this film has a limited run. I mean, extremely limited. For instance, it was shown in just three cities in Washington state. In each city, it ran in only one theater, for one day, for one show. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the theater it ran in here in Seattle was way out in the boondocks. So the people who were responsible for distributing this thing (no doubt to fulfill some convoluted byzantine legal requirement), weren’t getting a lot of support from the home office.

And having sat through it in a theater full of happy pre-teen girls, jolly bronies and resigned media–savvy parents who had mentally prepared ourselves to be martyrs for our children’s happiness… I thought it was really good. No– seriously, it was really good. The story worked. The timing and direction were sharp and the animation was just as good as the regular show. The jokes were funny and the musical numbers…well, if you like musicals and can accept the unnatural warping of societal mores and choreography transmitted via telepathy that these types of movies postulate, then you could do a hell of a lot worse. The tunes are catchy, and Experiment # 2 wants the soundtrack. Yay!

The most annoying part of the whole experience was listening to the snarky ‘witticisms’ of our friends the night before, when they found out we were going to the movie. Now don’t get me wrong, I can be as cynical, bitter, jaded and ironic as the next person, and possibly more so. But Experiment # 2 is not any of those things. She still gets mad when Experiment # 1 tells her that the whole My Little Pony show was created just to sell toys. I mean, really, hilariously mad. I faintly remember when I thought the world was like this; a thing of magic and wonder, where stories existed to uplift and enrich the human experience. Then I bought the first issue of Heavy Metal, and it all came crashing down. Now I know Two (as her mother and I call her), will learn the ways of the world some day, but until then, we’re going to watch My Little Pony.

In other news, you might have noticed that I haven’t written much lately. Part of this is getting ready for San Diego. Part of it was getting Volume # 12 to the printers, and part of it was that we did, in fact, get a couple of kittens, and they have been eating significant parts of our brains in exchange for radiating copious amounts of pure cute. Time consuming to be sure, but we do spend less time on the computer.

A busy couple of days, in which I have neglected certain obligations.


This should be obvious to our faithful readers, who have no doubt marveled at the string of Girl Genius updates that have been rendered in stark black and white, as opposed to the usual glorious colors of Mr. Cheyenne Wright. Let me assure you all that this is by no means Cheyenne’s fault. We have been scrambling to do too many things at once, and as a result, the pages get done later than any of us would like, and as fond as Cheyenne is of the oeuvre of Mr. H.P. Lovecraft, he has not yet found a way to circumvent time. But we are working on that.

Perhaps we will ask Mr. Lovecraft that question ourselves, as I just discovered that the old fellow is happily (well, as happy as he ever gets) soldering away answering all sorts of useful questions online ( Thanks to him, I now know that I should redecorate my work space so as to produce the maximum amount of dread. We shall see how that works out.

A lot of the extraneous activity around here is connected with our successful Kickstarter. We hope to have Volume 12 out the door to the printer this week. One might think that would be quite enough, yes? But we actually still have these messy meatspace lives we have to navigate through. Experiment # 1 just had a birthday. He is fourteen. To celebrate this, he had a pod of his little chums over for a sleep-over, where they watched movies and played games and ate approximately five hundred pounds of assorted foodstuffs.

We did some renovation in the studio, and had actual modern lighting installed, as Kaja was getting tired of having to run the computers by the light of tiki torches and the ever shifting constellations of LED lights from the rest of the machinery itself. They snapped on for the first time today, and the realization of how dusty the place really is forced us to go lie down for a bit. Ah, science.

The theatrical production I did the poster for ‘The Clockwork Professor’, is grinding their way through their final rehearsals for the July 12 opening. Their Kickstarter (, to help jazz up the costumes and scenery, is starting to flag a bit, but hopefully things will pick up in the last week, as nobody really wants to see the climactic final battle enacted with shadow puppets and confetti that they have to sweep up and reuse for the next show because they can’t afford to buy fresh stuff every time.

Carol Monahan continues to show up almost every day! Now she is excavating our old business files. The other day she unearthed the drawer that contains our old business contracts, and has spent her time pouring through them, alternating between laughing out loud and periodically storming in and smacking either Kaja or myself on the back of the head. I wasn’t really sure what would happen when we hired her, and I must admit, I was not aware that business savvy involved this much hitting, but it does explain why the Penny Arcade guys flinch whenever Robert Khoo, their business guy, walks past.