…And that’s a wrap!

If I may permit myself a bit of excitement…WHOO HOOO! (Sorry about that)

Well, now the work really begins. Prepping files for the printer, getting our bookkeeping in order, and hunkering down for the approaching storm that will be Carol and her terrible, pushy minions changing everything.

Now Kaja and I have a bunch of people thank, and high time too.

First and foremost; Julie Haehn, who ramrodded our campaign (and did a marvelous job, obviously). I would recommend her to anyone who wants to put together something like this.

Secondly, James Ernest, who produced our video. James has been one of our closest friends for over twenty years, as well as being the brain behind Cheapass Games(http://www.cheapass.com/). It’s actually pretty cool that he’s discovered yet another talent to add to his toolbox of awesomeness.

Then there are the Beemans, Ellen and Steve, who ran the Rats of Mechanicsburg Kickstarter, which convinced us that this was a viable idea. Blame them. By the way, they say that everything is ticking along marvelously, and the game should be coming out on time. A freakish occurrence in the Game Industry, but there you go.

Then there’s Carol Monahan, who even before we had the money to hire her, was helping us with valuable suggestions (and not just “hire me”) and who will make sure that we don’t run out and buy a pony made of solid gold or something.

And, speaking for myself, I’d like to thank Kaja, without whom Girl Genius would not exist, and certainly would never have made our mind–breakingly successful jump to the web. I love you.

And finally- a big thank you to all you people who contributed. I mean, fair enough, you were clever enough to recognize a good deal when you saw it, and some of you (not you personally, of course) will have a fine old time lording it over the short–sighted fools who failed to grasp this opportunity, but whatever your motivation, we simply couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.