Mr. Hyde Peels an Orange

Phil and James are downstairs destroying the kitchen. Actually, James is filming our “Mr. Hyde Peels an Orange” video, which was one of the promised stretch goals. I keep hearing crashing sounds, and the kitchen floor is covered in cocoanut milk.

The dog has been banished upstairs, and is having fits. She really wants to come down and see what is happening, and if she can eat it. No, she can not. Also, I have trained Experiment #1 to use a mop. We shall see if my training was effective. (Okay, honey, you raise the mop over your head, utter your fearsome battle cry, and rush at the mess screaming. That usually does it.)

I will be doing my video: “The Language of Fans as used by the Sparks of Europa” a bit later, as I still haven’t found quite the right fan. More on that later.

This is going to be terrific.