A busy couple of days, in which I have neglected certain obligations.


This should be obvious to our faithful readers, who have no doubt marveled at the string of Girl Genius updates that have been rendered in stark black and white, as opposed to the usual glorious colors of Mr. Cheyenne Wright. Let me assure you all that this is by no means Cheyenne’s fault. We have been scrambling to do too many things at once, and as a result, the pages get done later than any of us would like, and as fond as Cheyenne is of the oeuvre of Mr. H.P. Lovecraft, he has not yet found a way to circumvent time. But we are working on that.

Perhaps we will ask Mr. Lovecraft that question ourselves, as I just discovered that the old fellow is happily (well, as happy as he ever gets) soldering away answering all sorts of useful questions online (http://ask-lovecraft.tumblr.com/). Thanks to him, I now know that I should redecorate my work space so as to produce the maximum amount of dread. We shall see how that works out.

A lot of the extraneous activity around here is connected with our successful Kickstarter. We hope to have Volume 12 out the door to the printer this week. One might think that would be quite enough, yes? But we actually still have these messy meatspace lives we have to navigate through. Experiment # 1 just had a birthday. He is fourteen. To celebrate this, he had a pod of his little chums over for a sleep-over, where they watched movies and played games and ate approximately five hundred pounds of assorted foodstuffs.

We did some renovation in the studio, and had actual modern lighting installed, as Kaja was getting tired of having to run the computers by the light of tiki torches and the ever shifting constellations of LED lights from the rest of the machinery itself. They snapped on for the first time today, and the realization of how dusty the place really is forced us to go lie down for a bit. Ah, science.

The theatrical production I did the poster for ‘The Clockwork Professor’, is grinding their way through their final rehearsals for the July 12 opening. Their Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1086790052/the-clockwork-professor), to help jazz up the costumes and scenery, is starting to flag a bit, but hopefully things will pick up in the last week, as nobody really wants to see the climactic final battle enacted with shadow puppets and confetti that they have to sweep up and reuse for the next show because they can’t afford to buy fresh stuff every time.

Carol Monahan continues to show up almost every day! Now she is excavating our old business files. The other day she unearthed the drawer that contains our old business contracts, and has spent her time pouring through them, alternating between laughing out loud and periodically storming in and smacking either Kaja or myself on the back of the head. I wasn’t really sure what would happen when we hired her, and I must admit, I was not aware that business savvy involved this much hitting, but it does explain why the Penny Arcade guys flinch whenever Robert Khoo, their business guy, walks past.