Ermighod, we are back from San Diego.


Ermighod. We are back from San Diego.

Aficionados of my ramblings might have noticed that I haven’t been updating for awhile. The simple reason for this is that conventions are the part of our job that are really hard work. I mean, as a freelance artist, I commute the grueling 50 feet to my office, where I bounce back and forth between the drawing board and the word processor, with generous breaks for pondering, reading, web surfing, philosophical musings and lunch, all of which are done on a very loose schedule.

Conventions, on the other hand, involve a lot of carrying of boxes, standing for hours at a time, being personable and cheerful, intermittent periods of boredom and insane busyness, and making correct change. Now don’t get me wrong– I love doing conventions, but every night when we hit our hotel room, we pretty much fall face forward onto the bed and don’t move until the morning. There are writers who are known to budget time every day for sitting in their rooms and banging out a thousand words before they go out amongst The People. That would be mighty nice, but, as I might have mentioned once or twice before, we run a dealers table, where we have to be for nine hours a day.

Now I am not the only one who thinks my lifestyle needs tweaking. Our new Kickstarter paid for business manager is in the process of weaning me away from this particular business model.
“You should let other stores sell your book, and you just show up for signings,” she says.
“But they don’t carry our books,” I say.
“Maybe that’s because they know you’re going to be there selling them, so why should they bother?”
“By that argument, there should be only one store selling Watchman.”
This is usually where the discussion sort of breaks down, but I understand her point.

Anyway, it was nice to be back. The weather was exceptional this year, and everyone seemed to be in high spirits. The most interesting local news I heard was that the expansion of the convention center is finally moving forward. It’ll increase the capacity another 33%, and I have great hopes that we can then shove those tiresome movie people out into their own hall where we won’t have to look at them. There are some sweet architectural pictures online, which are worth checking out ( if you’re into architectural porn. Here’s hoping everything proceeds smoothly.

Had a delightful, all–too–brief conversation with one of our neighbors on Wednesday. Now, while I myself have the math and science skills of your average trout, I enjoy  talking to scientists and mathematicians, the more outré the better, and today we hit the jackpot– a genuine mad scientist. He was a biology major who, while taking an ecology course, wrote a paper exploring the idea of weaponizing fire ants for use in destabilizing enemy territory. This paper so horrified his teachers that they got him thrown out of the course. Now, I realize that he was not actually thrown out of the University, but I’ll call it a darn good first shot and expect great things from him in the future.