And Again We Are Back


We have returned from SpoCon, which was a lot of fun. So much so that we have decided that we are whole–heartedly supporting the Spokane Worldcon bid for 2015 ( Good luck, fellows.

Was introduced to Mark Osier, a filker who moonlights as a toxicologist. We had a really fun panel together where I’d sketch something, and Mark would have to write a song about what I drew, and then visa versa. We agreed that we were just having a good time and there wasn’t anything advisarial about it, but he tottally won. We will have to do this again sometime. Check him out here (

Was reintroduced to Brandon Sanderson, author and podcaster, and we spent a charming few days grousing about Howard Tayler. You can hear Brandon’s dulcet tones on a regular basis, here (

Was invited to a scotch tasting, where a very very very good time was had by all who were able to walk out. I discovered a new scotch which I am greatly enamored of; Ardbeg Uigeadial. Up until now I have been a big fan of Glenfidditch, because I enjoy chewing large chunks of peat. The Ardbeg is peaty, to be sure, but has a more complex flavor and a much nicer finish.

This weekend we are going to be selling at the Time Travelers Rummage Sale ( here in Seattle, and we will be selling a lot of stuff that has been cluttering up the lab for awhile. Then after that, I have to get ready for worldcon in San Antonio ( We will have a booth there, but I plan to actually get out and about and take in some panels or something.

So I was reading George Takai’s always entertaining blog (, and he talks about how the winter Olympic Games should be moved from Russia, because the Russians have inacted a whole raft of draconian, if not downright medival, anti–gay laws, and the Olympics is suppossed to be against that sort of thing. Being the positive force for good in the world that he has the energy to be (unlike me), he actually found out where you can sign a petition to try to get the slobs who run the Olympics to Do The Right Thing. Will it actually do something? I dunno, but at least you can say you signed it. ( I did.