I have found music.


I enjoy music. Can’t have it on while I’m writing creatively, but drawing? Nothing better. I have a wide variety of musical tastes. So much so that when I finally transferred all my music to audio files and hauled everything down to the used music store (Yes, I know, I could’ve made a lot more if I’d spent several years EBaying everything myself. Guess what, kids- Life Is Too Short), the proprietor said that I had three different collections worth of diversity. Three? I can do better.

Anyway, I always fear for my musical taste ossifying. I mean, I’ll grant you that music stopped being “good” after Pink Floyd released ‘Animals’ (No. Stop right there- Don’t send me your ecstatic ramblings about ‘The Wall’. It’s over-hyped, anti–intellectual claptrap, and you know it.), but surely The Kids have come up with something clever since then? I mean, seriously, wasn’t disco a thing for awhile there?

Indeed they have, and today I found it. It’s a site called ‘Bandcamp’ (http://bandcamp.com/), and it’s where young, experimental musicians post their projects and let people listen to them, and hopefully, buy them. I purchased a marvelous album by Gordon Withers, ‘Dark Side of the Moon on Cello’, which is exactly what it says it is. He does everything on the cello, which usually works, though when the opening strains of ‘Speak to Me’ started up, Kaja thought her hard drive was melting down. Well, I had to buy it after that, yes?

They also have a weekly podcast that showcases some of the more interesting offerings. It’s the best thing I’ve found since WNYC’s New Sounds (http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds/articles/new-sounds-podcasts/)

This will all come in handy, as I have to step things up and get a week or so ahead on Girl Genius before I can comfortably sweep off to Worldcon and go into a BBQ coma.