Patches and Pins in the Works…

Yesterday was an amazing mail day. All the patches and pins for our KickStarter were sent directly to the warehouse from the manufacturer, but the warehouse sent us some of each so we could do a final check. They look fantastic. Here’s a photo: patchesandstuff

Also in the mail was a proof of a wonderful new book: the Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide by Thomas Willeford. Phil and Cheyenne did the illustrations for it, but the real delight is all the wonderful instructions for children’s projects inside.

Having things made is slow, and frustrating around this time of year. I’ve got pins in the works that I really wish were going to be available a little sooner, since they would make nice holiday presents. Cheyenne’s Kilt Inspector and Chronopol pins will be available around late November. They seem to be taking forever. In reality, it’s a turnaround of about twelve weeks.  It can be more if I demand changes, like I did for the chibi Gil pin I made to go with my chibi Agatha. One of the eyes looked weird in the proofs, so add two to three more weeks to production. Blech.


Oh, and I’m doing a Sturmvoraus pin, finally. That’s another one of my designs, by the way. (I still like Cheyenne’s best!) I’ve just sent off designs for two more pins, a Tarvek pin to go with the Gil pin and a little ornamental gear that I’ve had sitting around since the last ornamental gear pin I made. That was about…seven years ago? Oh dear. The rabbit is from an enamel piece I did in college!