I am SO vain! …and enjoying it!

The older I get, the more vain I grow, and I absolutely love being included as a character in other people’s work. It comes from a childhood of serious ugly and a young adulthood of being constantly told I “wasn’t interesting enough to use”—in plays or as a model for artwork. Now I’m older and don’t care as much, it’s fun to be a character “actor.” There were a few exceptions, for instance, here I am in Magic the Gathering:


That’s me!

I was extremely flattered to be included in Nat Iwata’s Steapunk Pirates Bicycle Playing cards. Phil’s in there, too, as well as a number of people we are very tickled to be in a deck with. Heh. Yarr! I’m going to try to get some of these for my friends. I has a clank!


Phil and I also “play” characters in Get Lucky, the new Kill Doctor Lucky card game that James Ernest is putting together. The Kickstarter is running right now, and you can see what we look like as potential murderers. I do get rather annoyed over line jumping…so I say the old rascal had it coming. You’ll also see some of our other friends in that deck, including our favorite magician: Master Payne, Diana Vick of SteamCon fame, and Patrick Rothfuss, who needs no introduction. Check me out!


If you want to see Phil, or any of the others, you have to follow the links! Do it! They’re great!