It was like being a teenager again. Only less, you know, horrible.

Last night was fun. My Mom took us to the local nursery, where they had an event with cake, reindeer, a camel, giant Koi, popcorrn samples and music. After that, my Mom was watching the kids, so Phil and I had a few hours to kill before we met our friends for dinner. We thought we’d see if James Ernest was still doing game demos at the Wayward. I texted Carol to see if they were still there, and she wrote back that all the power on their side of the city was out, and they were heading for Northgate mall. So we all met in the food court and stood around for a while, talking to the other people we knew who had gone to the mall because their power was out. Then we got the news that the power was back on, so we all went to the Wayward after all, drank coffee, and played the new Get Lucky game for a while. Then we met up with Pete and Jillian Venters, who wanted to show us and Gail Carringer their favorite sushi place after her book signing. She’s doing another one tonight at The Queen Anne Book Company, so if you can, go see her!

I remember wandering aimlessly over the city with my friends, a long time ago, asking each other “I don’t know, where should we go now?” I’d forgotten how much fun it can be.

Our power never did go out.