Back In Business!


Not that we were ever Out of Business, but due to our poor management skills, we’ve been limping along for the last several months with easily half of the Girl Genius volumes out of print. There was a reason why one of our Kickstarter goals was; Hire a business Manager to keep us from doing Stupid Things. (Oh, and on a completely unrelated note? Those Nigerian Prince guys? Avoid them.)

Anyway, everyone I owe money to will be thrilled to hear that today we had twelve pallets of books slam onto the concrete in front of the studio this morning, and thus I can say that within the week, all of the Girl Genius books will be ready to be purchased! This will also include the brand new Volume 12; Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg, which at 192 pages, is our thickest volume to date (although they are all the same price, because math is annoying enough as it is). Huzzah! Christmas is saved! Rest assured that we will trumpet it from the rooftops when you can actually pony up your hard earned coin.

For various reasons, I have not been updating this running commentary on my so–called life for awhile. No good reason, just feeling lazy, I guess. Plus, the news has me down a bit lately, it seems that unrelenting political incompetence and corporate malfeasance, along with bleak news from the natural science desks, has got me to the point where I just pull my head in and draw.

However I have felt quite positive the last day or so, and thus, I will once again try to post regularly.