sharkOn the Fourth of July, we went to the ocean with some of our friends and watched the rather astonishing fireworks. It wasn’t a sponsored show, it was just everyone West of the mountains setting off whatever they could get their hands on. It was kind of frightening. Also, big sharks. Phil took a picture of me specimen hunting in the tourist traps. I didn’t bring this one home.

I have been continuing work on the second draft of the third Girl Genius novel, Phil says he’s done with his, so now it’s all my fault. I have also been working on getting all the Girl Genius Wallpapers ready for our KickStarter supporters. There’s another batch ready for you, folks, check the KickStarter “backers only” posts for details. They’re just like the regular updates, but you have to be logged in to see them.

I can’t believe how many wallpapers there are. It’s a bit daunting. I’ll get them done!