Frankenturkey– Devoured.


I am here to report that Kaja’s Frankenturkey experiment was a triumph to her genius, or at least to her persistence. There was certainly a lot of ramping–up time and effort required, but the results were excellent. It tasted great, and there was a plethora of extra stuffing, and nobody got sick or even died, which certainly puts this Thanksgiving in the ‘win’ column.

We got the recipe from Cooks Illustrated (, which is the foodie porn magazine we subscribe to (No, that’s not what I mean). Foodie porn consists of well written, meticulous , step–by–step descriptions for lavish, scrumptious meals that will make you a better, leaner, fitter person– if you ever ate them. It’s prized reading over a bowl of instant ramen or delivered pizza. However, if you subscribe, you also get free access to their library of instructional videos online, which Kaja referred to frequently. It’s one thing to read a description of how to de–bone a turkey, and another entirely to watch someone actually do it.

We then had our traditional Post Thanksgiving get together, where we throw open the house and everybody brings over their leftovers and we know that we can have a evenings worth of conversation without worrying about excessive amounts of religion, stupid family history or impertinent questions about the shackles in the basement. We consumed alcohol, we played poker, we watched the kids roar around the house and tried to ignore the occasional crashing noise. Plenty of time for that tomorrow.

Kaja is working furiously at getting Topatoco (, the site where we have our online store, everything it needs so that they can start selling all of the new things we sent them, including volume 12. Be assured that when it’s available, we will trumpet it from the rooftops.