Agatha Heterodyne & The Siege of Mechanicsburg is Here!


Hooray! Finally! Time to do all your Holiday shopping! Yes, Girl Genius Volume 12 is up and available on our webstore ( In addition to the new volume, we can once again offer bundles of every volume of Girl Genius in one horse–choking brick. We also have some new pins, as well as all the old favorites back in stock.

Now I will say out front that I’m not one of those people who’s idea of a beloved family tradition is to plan a commando raid on Mall of America in order to save 17¢ on a pair of socks. Here in the Foglio Compound, we heartily support Cyber–Monday or any other excuse that let’s us do something over our beautiful, sanitary internet. Make no mistake! No agoraphobics we! We love the marketplace! We just prefer to skulk around it at one in the morning with the other Night People. It’s just the way the family brains are wired.

We enjoy strolling about at night. All the interesting animals come out, and if you think your local neighborhood doesn’t contain raccoons, coyotes, armadillos, foxes, opossums, bears or weasels, then you have not wandered sufficiently after midnight. Night is also when you get some of your more interesting city maintenance work and police actions, things that everyone is determined to have cleaned up quickly enough that it needn’t bother showing up in the morning news. The most interesting of these events are power outages. I remember one that completely blanked out the entire city around one in the morning. It lasted for a few hours, eliminating even the ambient orange city glow that we’re used to seeing fill the night sky- the sort of thing that people don’t even think about until you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you realize that there are, in fact, still a hell of a lot of stars up there, and the next day, there wasn’t even a mention in the papers or on the radio that it had happened.

The wind is blowing here today, blowing very strongly. We heard it booming and moaning all night long, and it’s continuing through the morning. I am a person who is fond of wind-chimes and such, and they are clonging and donging quite vigorously. Kaja is convinced that the neighbors are going to pour over the fence and rip them down. This has yet to happen, but she lives in hope.