Hummingbirds Do Not Migrate For The Winter

Kaja says that, in fact, they do, but they just migrate about two blocks south, which allows them to commute. I know this because we recently tore out an old Rowan tree that had died (yes, and immediately were inundated by witches. It’s been that kind of a year) which had a hummingbird nest perched atop it which I could see from my studio window. I was astonished to learn that the call of the hummingbird sounds very much like small, angry, turbo-charged pencil sharpener, and that they call out whenever they are looking for a mate, or are happy, sad, annoyed that their feeders haven’t been refilled, feel threatened, are claiming a particular area, or notice that the moon is orbiting the Earth.
Anyway, we tore the tree out as part of a larger backyard renovation, and I was afraid that the hummingbird would have to find someone else to scream at. But no, It is now hanging around the apple tree in the front yard, no doubt patiently screaming at passers-by until we plant something else.
I find that this pleases me. They are a pleasure to watch, and I’m always amazed at anything that has the chutzpah to stand up to the crows.

The Threnodi Etsy shop is now offering stuffed wasp eater weasels fo sale (, which are guaranteed to send cats into paroxysms of ennui, if ours are any indicator. The Studio Foglio webstore is also now offering embroidered patches. We made these up for the Kickstarter campaign, and had enough left over that we can sell them to the sartorial elite. ( Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=TO&Category_Code=GEN-PATCHES) Hurrah! Christmas is saved.

Later this week we will be making the pilgrimage to see The Hobbit (Part 2; Oh, This Again). This time, we will not subject ourselves to the 3-D version, which annoyed the socks off us the last time around. Hopefully they won’t witter on about The Power of Friendship or do too much L.O.T.R. foreshadowing this time, though I’m, frankly, pessimistic. However there is a big-ass dragon and Martin Freeman, so they’re going to have to work hard to screw this up.