The Christmas Thing Has Come & Gone


The children were rewarded with several things that they had declared that they could not live without and yet somehow, they manage to survive despite the fact that all such wishes were not granted. However the day that Science actually manages to clone “Real, live My Little Ponies®” we’ll be in trouble. Many Swedish Meatballs were consumed, and a good time was had by all. Hopefully this was true over at your end as well.

Like everyone (I assume), we have several family holiday traditions unique to our household (there has to be a squirrel in the Christmas tree), and we managed to touch base on all of them, so it “felt like Christmas”. You would imagine that it actually being Christmas would be enough, but no, not really. No matter what your philosophical leanings and considered opinion about the way the universe works, it’s been shown that people need a bit of ritual in their lives, and the more bizarre and theatrical it is, the better. Around here? Not a problem.

The big news is that we have come to the end of Girl Genius Volume 13- Agatha Heterodyne & The Sleeping City. What makes this different, is that we are now going to take some time off. This is something we have not done since we started posting Girl Genius online, which you old–timers will recall was back in the spring of 2005. In all that time we have never missed an update, despite hospitalizations, business trips and the occasional computer meltdown. Well, rest assured that we’re not doing it now, either. While Kaja and I are recharging, we will be presenting one of the Girl Genius Radio Plays in comic form, and this will be illustrated by fellow webcomic impressario Mr. Christopher Baldwin. The savvy webcomics reader will be quite familiar with Chris’ work, as he’s been slapping photons onto computer screens since 1996. He’s the creator of Little Dee, and recently, he just finished up his wonderful science fiction epic; Spacetrawler ( Like us, collections of Chris’ webcomics can be purchased in well–printed book form from TopatoCo (, and now that the Christmas rush is over, they’re all just standing around waiting for something to do, so if you wanted to click on over there and spend some of that holiday money you got from grandma, you’d be performing a public service.

We will be resuming the Main Story on March 3rd of 2014.