It Must Be Me…


Saw the last episode of Sherlock-Season 3 last night. Huh. Some spoilers here, so if you care, please don’t read until you see the episode, which is totally worth seeing.

But…Am I wrong, or did Sherlock not really do anything particularly clever? I guess I was just disappointed. The bad guy was really bad, and they spent a lot of time and effort to really make you hate him and want to see him suffer exquisite payback, and there was a perfect mechanism for that. The guy was a blackmailer who had important people itching to provide payback– and then bang. He’s done. No moment of realization that he’s lost. No master plan to savor and rewatch so that you can see the hints and clues seamlessly drop into place. No catharsis for the audience. Nothing clever. A junkie could’ve done that, and I guess one did.

“Oh, but Phil,” my shoulder angel bleats, “Schadenfreude is bad, and diminishes you as a person, and when was the last time you brought your good wife a drink?” This is why shoulder angels suck at writing (They also rely a bit too much on the old deus ex machina). Now character development, that I’ll give them. There was certainly plenty there, and all of it was pretty enjoyable. But if all I want to see is a high-functioning sociopath capering about embarrassing his friends and family, well I have associates who work in the gaming industry, don’t I?

I’m just saying, as a writer, that if that’s the best they could with three years to plot out a story, I’m unimpressed.

So- Even though this is supposed to be my vacation time, I’m doing a fair amount of work. Well, more than I’d like, anyway. I just finished up a cover for KatsuCon (, which is an anime con in mid February in the Washington DC area. Kaja and I are guests, and we’ll be selling stuff and performing the Girl Genius Radio Plays and hoping that nobody there realizes that we’re not actually anime.

Kaja reminds me that there’s some new stuff up at our shop (; we have Tarvek cloisonné pins, as well as House Sturmvarous sigil pins (finally). I have been told to mention that the folks at TopatoCo are smack dab in the middle of their annual post-holiday season slump, so there is literally nothing that would make them (and us) happier than for you to go buy something and give them something to do.