Happy Australia Day! We Love You, Amen!

We’re getting a big tropical rain at the moment, so after standing in it a while for fun (Seattleite!) I have come inside to poke around and check my email.

Still no sign of the bear, I think I’m going to have to try to do some detective work and figure out what shuttle companies serve that part of the airport. I suspect that he was left in the basket of the luggage cart, and may be in the lost and found of the shuttle, rather than the airport. A large sea turtle whose name started out as “Harold” but seems to have settled as “Small A’Tuin” is filling in at the moment, but she is adamant that he is NOT a replacement because Baka Bear cannot be replaced. (We had to get the turtle to stop her constantly hugging her beleaguered brother, who apparently makes a FINE replacement for the bear.)

Phil has managed to get a nasty sunburn, which is surprising because he is usually a tanning sort. He is very unhappy about it. 

More later–