I Am Doing A Bit More Nothing Than I Had Intended…


We are still ensconced upon this lovely tropical island, however said island is currently being battered by a tropical storm. This is entertaining in its own way, but is not what I had planned.

Yesterday was Australia Day. Out here, at least, the locals admitted that it was taking place, but otherwise were rather low key about it. We were expecting fireworks, or a communal boomerang toss, or a declaration of war against New Zealand. Something. Anything. But no, just a quiet pride in the fact that they’re the only country that occupies an entire continent and that was pretty much it.

Spent a significant part of the day teaching the experiments the finer points of ping-pong. Considering the table had seen better days, and the fact that a hard smacked ball was likely to sail into the shark tank, they both took to it remarkably well. Experiment # 2 wants us to install a table in the basement, and actually spent additional time instructing younger children in the finer points of the game (which was hilarious to watch, and I’m sure the hotel can order fresh balls. And sharks)

One of the more entertaining species of this island is a species of long legged bird know as the Bush Stone Curlew. We call them Grumpy Birds because they have mean little faces and seem to be filled with hate. They invade the restaurant while we eat, and whenever they think you’re getting too close, or they get too close to you, or they think you’re looking at them, they hiss at you, with a hiss that sounds exactly like a dying can of spray whipped cream. This has the opposite effect to that which they no doubt desire, as children love to chase after them because “They sound so funny”. I imagine them staring at the windows of the restaurant, actively willing it (and us) to burst into flames so we can die screaming. We love those little guys.