In Australia, Learning to Like Fish


I’ve decided that this is the year I will learn to like fish. Growing up in Seattle means seeing a lot of stinky dead fish all over the place, and back in my childhood, meant seeing the hideous zombie salmon that used to run up the tiny streams to spawn, die, and rot. Plus, having a sporty Mom means a lot of fishing, and a lot of fishing means cleaning and eating a lot of fish. Blech. So I have always been in the camp of  “Fish are Friends, not Food.” Because…ick. But I’m trying to change this, so I’m making sure to eat a little of whatever the people around me are eating, and telling myself it’s good. I had some truly nice stuff while visiting Giles’ parents in Newcastle, so I’m off to a good start. Above you will see a picture of me learning to like fish.

Yes, I’m supposed to be finishing up the third Girl Genius novel, so of course I have decided to write a post instead.

Here’s what’s been going on: for the last year, my friend Carol has been writing a book. A lot of it is set in Sydney. So she’s had Australia on the brain.

I have also been anxious to get back to Australia, I was here about four years ago and really loved it. Plus, the Holidays in Seattle mean several months of lights-in-the-dark celebration, followed by the holidays ending, the lights going away, and the dark sticking around for another few months. I like the dark, but more and more I’ve been finding that I really hate January and February—and am ready to see that incredible blue sky that I only see in Australia.

So. Let’s see if I can get this written so it makes sense: Carol’s sister Eilis and her boyfriend Giles were going to be visiting Giles’ parents. Carol decided that, while her sister was in Australia, she might as well visit her sister. In Australia. And do research on her novel. I decided that Carol shouldn’t be allowed to run around Australia on her own, since she could very well end up running off with Russell Crowe or something. and we can’t have that. So I piled on for the trip, too.

Then Phil decided that it wasn’t fair that I got to run off to Australia without him, so I told him he could meet me in Sydney when Carol went home, and we’d go find a beach somewhere that he could sit on. We are now on said beach, but the weather is incredibly windy and so it isn’t really as much fun as we’d hoped…not much of a big deal for me, who is supposed to be writing anyway, but certainly a problem for the kids, who are mostly stuck in the atrium of the resort, or in our room.

Well, it’s the tropics. I’m told this sort of thing happens. By the way, it’s still beastly hot, even with the rain driving so hard that I can’t see where I’m going. It’s really interesting weather, I’ve never been in anything like it. Not even in the shower.

In spite of the recent weather, I still love Australia outside of all reason.

If I manage any amount of gumption later, I’ll write more about our adventures.