Today I Am Guardedly Optimistic


No doubt due entirely to the efforts of our enthusiastic readers, We have heard from TOR, and they seem eager to reestablish communication, which is, in fact, all I wanted. Thank you all very much. To TOR, the Girl Genius Omnibus is just another mishandled book. To us, tiny little atelier that we are, it is one of our core products. We will let you know how this works out. I hope there will be no further snags.

I was certainly surprised to read that Mr Hayden was not, in fact , the editor in chief at TOR. TOR’s own website lists him as Senior Editor, and I will admit that I was unaware of the difference. The embarrassing point remains that I made a factual error regarding Mr. Hayden’s title and job description, and for this I am genuinely sorry.

Coincidentally, Tropical Cyclone Dylan has roared past our little island, and today we got to watch the staff start cleaning up. Kaja said she’d never thought we’d have to go to Oz to run into a cyclone. For this observation, she received an extra ration of rum.

Astonishingly, the place has taken only minor damage. The hotel staff went out of its way to reassure the guests that Dylan would never get stronger than a Category 2, while the hotel was built to withstand a Category 5 storm. Once I knew that, I kept hoping we’d actually get a Category 5, as I figured it would be even more entertaining. This is because I’m irresponsible, and not actually one of the people who has to clean things up.

But even at Category 1 (or 2), Dylan certainly moved things around a bit. The South side of the island got hit so hard that they won’t even let the guests go take a look at it. Chunks of the boardwalk got carried away, as did the arrival dock. There’s vegetation down everywhere, and the tidal surge pried out huge blocks of stone and tossed them about on the beach. Several tons of sand and gravel got pushed up off the beach and spread about the patios, and a fair amount got dumped into one of the pools. In fact, when we looked at it this morning, we got to see the entire pool under water (which was very peculiar for some reason).

This left the beach itself covered in gravel, fragments of broken coral, and lava rock, and there were numerous tide pools that Kaja and I spent some poking through. I kept looking for the fabled blue ringed octopus, but everything I saw was sort of turquoise, so it probably didn’t count.

The staff was out there bright and early scrubbing the place down, and they looked so busy and overworked that I hated when I had to call them over to get me another Mojito, but they probably enjoyed having an excuse to stop shoveling gravel. I know I would.