Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

The Bear is Still Lost…and it Turns Out I’m the Control Rat Again. Dang.


We’re still holding out hope, although it is becoming rather faint. I’ve contacted the Sydney Airport, the AIRBUS shuttle company and Delta Airlines, but our bear seems to have disappeared into the aether. I don’t know how, he’s quite large, but there it is.

My Giant Sense of Personal Failure of the Week is compounded by the knowledge that there are super-fantastic Moms like Libby Malcolm¬†out there; people who actually know how to use social media effectively to get things done…things like retrieve a daughter’s lost bear from the Mysteries of the Airports.

Tch. Same airport, same animal, same…(well, not quite the same day, as it turns out, but quite close)…and yet I still have a missing bear. What a loser I am.

Still, I’m really happy that Jess got her bear back, we don’t need two sad little girls without their bears…and tickled that the story involves Carol’s 1/2 personal favorite, Russell Crowe, being wonderful. (If you’re curious, the other 1/2 favorite is Benedict Cumberbatch…I hear a lot about both of these gentlemen without ever reading the feeds of the Tumblr myself…Hee!)

Now, I was posting this because I couldn’t sleep, maybe with this posted I’ll be able to relax a bit more. I still have some Australia pictures to share. I’ll be back soon, assuming I don’t drop off from sleep deprivation. Good Night!