Daily Archives: February 12, 2014

Think Happy Thoughts


We were supposed to fly out to KatsuCon (http://www.katsucon.org/) today. However, when we got to the airport, we were informed that our flight was cancelled due to the Fimbulwinter currently covering the East Coast. Eek. Oh well, could’ve been worse…We actually got stuck at a convention with Steve Jackson during a blizzard once and–

What? They’ve rescheduled our flight? Ah-and instead of it taking four and a half hours, it’ll take nine. Possibly because we’ll be hopscotching across the country on not one plane, but three. Great. Well, we will make sure that we check the weather reports as well as the flight announcements Before we haul all the way out to the airport this time, and Hope Really Hard that we don’t get stranded in Chicago. Your happy positive thoughts will be appreciated. I assure you that I’ll be fine once we actually get to the convention, which looks like it’ll be quite enjoyable, but I really hate the actual ‘travel’ part of modern air travel, which has been deteriorating ever since that unfortunate incident over Lakehurst, NJ.

Kaja was annoyed because she’d actually gotten everything packed to her satisfaction for this trip. Usually, when we travel, we bring too much (easy to do with Steampunk couture. All those bustles and vests, you know, and really, can you have too many spats? Trick question! No!). But this time, she has everything calculated out to a nicety, and none of the steamer trunks are even overweight. If anything, I’m a bit worried that we may be underdressed. We have proper winter coats, of course, which got us our share of odd looks while wearing them in Seattle’s balmy climate today, but a proper East Coast Winter can bite through them like cheese. Personally, I’m tempted to wear everything I have brought all the time, and just rotate the visible outer layer. So if I look a bit more bulky than usual, now you’ll know why.