That’s what it feels like. Hello, yes, we are not in Washington DC or at KatsuCon (http://www.katsucon.org/) again. Once again we got onto the Shuttle van. Once again we traveled to the Airport. This time we got checked in and endured some security theatre and were on our way to our gate when we got a phone call telling us that our flight from Chicago was cancelled, because, Hey! There’s this horrific snow storm shutting everything down for five hundred miles in every direction! Who could’ve seen that happening?!

So we collected our bags. We took a shuttle back. The dispatcher recognized us and just sort of shook her head in pity. Then we were informed that yet another set of tickets was waiting for us for Friday!You know what the definition of insanity is?

Kaja, however, put it very sensibly; KatsuCon, in effect, contracted for our services from Thursday, through Sunday. It’s not like we expected to get anything else done, so if we fulfill this contract by endlessly shuttling back and forth to the airport, at least we have done the best we can, and we get to sleep in our own bed. Plus, it’s rather flattering that they are going to this much effort to get us there. The way to look at it is to revel in all of the things that we got to do today that otherwise would have been taken up with sitting in a large steel can hurtling several miles above the frozen landscape; Had a really nice lunch in one of our favorite bistros (hey, we had babysitting- let’s not blow that). Took Experiment # 1 in and got his eyeglasses repaired (Sure, he could’ve endured living with a lump of duct tape holding them to his head for the weekend, probably would have built character. Certainly did for me, but theoretically, we are trying to do things better than our parents did. Big win there. No, my mom isn’t online {don’t ask]. Fixed the fence in the back yard (totally unrelated to eyeglass damage, but thanks for asking). Checked and refilled the car tires (Totally unrelated to the broken fence, but thanks for asking). Took some quality time to access the leak that appeared in my living room ceiling the day before yesterday during a sudden wind & rain storm (totally unrelated to anything, including physics, apparently, since said living room is on the ground floor, and there are two other stories above it which have no leakage whatsoever [and no, there’s no plumbing up there either]).

I had rather been looking forward to a nice relaxing convention 1500 miles away, now that I think about it. Who knows? Perhaps the 3rd time will be the charm. See you there!