Keeping Busy


Believe it or not, I find the time to do other things besides Girl Genius.

The latest such thing is a cover for Steampunk Fellow Traveller & Musical Guy Nathaniel Johnstone’s next album; Antikythera Mechanism. I did the pencils, and Cheyenne Wright did the color work, and I’m pretty darn pleased at how it came out. Nathaniel learned about said astonishing mechanism awhile ago, and it provided inspiration for an entire thematic album. He is in the process of raising money to get it put together, and you can help ( Now, whenever you deal with people who are determined to “Make it themselves”, there is always the fear that they’ll totally screw it up. You will be reassured to know that this is not Nathanial’s first self-produced album, and he knows how to get these things made. (I’m told he has got quite good at pouring the wax into the moulds correctly the first time, which definitely helps keep costs down.)

So check it out.