I Want This “Muses” Deck!

FoglioPairs6A game featuring the Muses with art by Phil and Cheyenne! We’ve got only three days to go, so it may not come to pass, still, but I hold out great hope.

The Great and Terrible James Ernest over at Cheapass Games is finishing up a KickStarter campaign for a great little game called “Pairs.” Pairs cards are perfect for hosting all kinds of different pictures, and James got Patrick Rothfuss, Echo Chernik, John Kovalic and Professor Elemental on board, among others. You should really have a look at all the great decks that are already guaranteed to come out!

The only one that still isn’t a go is ours, the deck with Phil’s drawings of the Muses. Phil is all grumbly because he doesn’t feel like drawing all the Muses right now (he’s having a great time doing all this train stuff for the comic) so if we don’t get this going, he probably won’t draw the darn things until he absolutely has to. What I’m saying is, if I’m going to get this art out of him quickly, James needs to reach this goal.

As far as our own KickStarter projects go: all of the physical rewards have long ago shipped. Everyone should now have the goods they were promised. We have heard from a few people that their packages went astray, and Julie, our KickStarter assistant, has been working to sort that out. Unfortunately, since she started working for us on this, Julie has landed an amazing job that is keeping her very busy (hooray!), so she’s gotten a bit behind on answering people. We realize that this is a problem, and we’re getting more help, so we can get caught up. So don’t worry, we won’t let it all slide!

As to the intangible rewards: we should have the ringtones done by the end of the week! I can’t do any work with the fan video or the rest of the wallpapers until I’ve turned in the third Girl Genius novel, but it’s the next thing I’ll hammer at once that’s in. How long will that take? I should have the novel in by the end of the week as well.

After that, I’ll get wallpapers going right away, and the fan video…well, it’s going to take some coordination of helpers, but it shouldn’t be too long.

And what about our NEXT KickStarter? It’s coming next month. We have to do it right away if we’re going to have Volume 13 out in time for the Summer conventions, because we were able to get printer time for this May. That is, the book is ready to go, but the presses need to be free to print our book.

It’s going to be a much smaller KickStarter than last time, thank goodness. That’s because we don’t need to reprint a pile of other books this time, so we can stay focused on Volume #13. We love the fact that KickStarter has proven to be the perfect way for our readers to guarantee that they get the hardcovers and special merch they want. Also, we’ll have another backer medal for this one, which should be lots of fun!

So…watch this space. I’ll go work on that novel now! –Kaja  MusePreview