Just plunked the experiments down in front of the family monitor and we all watched the new Cosmos, with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Kaja and I were very fond of the original Cosmos, with Carl Sagan, and were very pleased at this new iteration. The science had been updated, the special effects were top–notch, and I thought a nice balance was struck between accessibility and informational content. The historical reenactments are done via animation, as opposed to dressing theatre majors in costumes and having them wander around parts of the old world looking visionary. Kaja in particular thought this was a major improvement, as when she first saw the original at the age of ten, some of her more unfortunate little friends didn’t “get” that they were, in fact, recreations. I have heard that certain people are annoyed that Dr. deGrasse Tyson was mean to the catholic church. Considering the actual historical relationship that The Church had with science in general and astronomy in particular. I thought it was fairly restrained. {Possibly because at the moment, the Vatican is actually pretty on top of the whole astronomy thing. We have the honor of actually knowing Brother Guy Consolmagno, the Pope’s Astronomer. Yes, the Pope has an astronomer, and he’s a pretty cool guy. (Follow him on Facebook! Buy his book! (} I also appreciated that, at least so far, we don’t have long takes of Dr. deGrasse Tyson staring rapturously at green screens, which is one thing that bugged me when I recently re-watched the original series. In summation, I was extremely pleased at how engaged the experiments became, and their joy at discovering that this was just the first episode of a series. Highly recommended.

In other news around the studio, our fellow toiler in the fields of popular entertainment and good friend James Ernest has a Kickstarter going. Kaja’s already talked about it a bit. It’s for a nifty little card game he’s put together called ‘Pairs’. He just made his latest goal, which means that he’ll be publishing a Pairs deck based on the Muses in Girl Genius. Great. Now we have to design them all. If you’re a Girl Genius completest, you should get in on this and pre-order a deck today (