Watched Cosmos # 3…


It just keeps getting better and better, and the Experiments are actually looking forward to seeing it each week. I hear that Creationists are demanding “equal time” because the show is doing so well. This is Schadenfreude at its best, and fills a small dark part off my heart with happiness.

Everyone around here is running around getting ready for Emerald City Comic Con (, with is the first of the Big Three genre conventions we’ll be doing in Seattle in the next month or so. We will of course have a Booth there (# 704 ), and we’ll even be performing the Girl Genius Radio Plays, so a good time is guaranteed for all. The biggest chore was making sure that Girl Genius was pre-loaded onto The Internets, so that we can crash and crash hard Sunday night with nary a care in the world.

Actually everything around here is in preparation for something or other. We are getting our ducks in a row for our next Kickstarter campaign. The last one was a great success, so now it’s time to start printing new books. The plan is to have them in print in time for the summer shows. It’s also that time of year when I have to start planting my tomatoes, and since we tore up the entire backyard last winter, I have an entire plot of land to mess about on. I’m not planning on putting in a truck garden, but I could easily see myself aiming for self-sustainability. Did you know you can get hydroponics racks you can put into your garage? With that, and raising cats for their meat, eggs, and pelts, we could be “off the grid” by this time next year.