The New Girl Genius Game is Here!


It’s finally here! The first Girl Genius video game from Gizmocracy! You play Krosp, who must defend the city of Mechanicsburg against an army of clockwork rats. You ride around in your little walker clank and pick up blocks and avoid giant steam hammers, and there are mouse-shaped dirigibles that drop anvils on you. OR TRY TO. MUHAHAHA.

The music is  amazing. Also, Phil voiced the Castle! The Castle “cheers” you on as you play. I think you can shut it up if you want to, though. Although I don’t really get tired of listening to Phil, you might. Here’s a screen shot: Rats 3x2 Pogos It’s looking great right now, but what I think is really exciting is that it’s quite a living game. We have a lot of plans for future updates will be a lot of fun! The Game is available for iOS and Android devices at the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Go get it!


p.s. …and don’t forget the iOS Girl Genius paper doll app, which was also made by Gizmocracy, and is due for another update soon. (As soon as we can get Phil to draw those three Jägers he promised us.)

Edit: fixed two broken links. Sorry about that!