Those Who Forget The Past…


Always have some good reading to catch up on. As long as we’re talking about history, let me recommend a nifty little documentary called ‘Stripped’. It’s an overview about newspaper comics, and where strip-type comics are going. It has interviews with any number of old newspaper comic strip artists, as well as a number of the new creators who are dragging the art form into the future. The creators are trying to get everyone to buy it on April 1 (today!) from iTunes, in the hope that a strong showing will help them get a distribution deal. This would be a fine thing indeed, and you should go and do so now ( Seriously, if you are of a historical bent, this film captures that all–too–rare instance where an old institution is fundamentally changing, as well as the people who grew up in it. It’s a fascinating look at otherwise intelligent people who simply cannot understand how the world is changing around them, and the people who are replacing them. This thing will play in sociological classes for the next hundred years.

This last weekend was Emerald City Comicon, where a good time was had by all. Thanks to the Booth Staff (who rather insisted), I actually managed to get out from behind the table and see a bit of the show. Picked up the latest books by Jeph Jacques (, Ryan Smith ( and David Willis ( Thus my productivity will be crippled while I sit around and read comics, but I console myself that it’s business research, and all such purchases are tax deductible.

In two weeks we are double–dipping at a pair of local conventions. Studio Foglio will have a booth at both Norwescon, our local science fiction convention (, and at SakuraCon, our local humongous anime con ( They are both in Seattle on the same weekend, which is annoying as hell, and we can only be thankful that Emerald City is no longer on the same weekend as well. Actually it’s not that surprising. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter where you are reading these words there is a genre convention of some stripe within a hundred miles of you gearing up for the Easter weekend. It’s not that aficionados of science fiction, fantasy and comics are particularly irreverent (that’s just a side effect) but a large party with hundreds of like–minded people does give you an acceptable public venue for burning off the effects of eating a third of your weight in chocolate rabbits.

Later this week, we’ll be shooting the video for our next Kickstarter, which will be a more focused event (thank Christ) for the next Girl Genius collection; Volume 13- Agatha Heterodyne & the Sleeping City. A busy week indeed. Don’t worry, we’ll mention it several hundred times in the next month.

Occasionally, one gets a bit overwhelmed by it all, and it’s hard to stay positive. I have found a site that helps quite a bit. It’s called Heal Yourself, Skeletor. On this site, the main villain of the old He–Man TV show comes to grip with the endless disappointments that he experiences on his journey to conquer the world. It is well worth checking on every day. (