A Mighty Nice Start! The Plan Continues!


Fully funded within 20 hours! Now if I could just keep up that pay rate for the rest of the year…(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-volume-13-agatha-heterodyne-and-the-sl)

Obviously the first thing we have to say is muchas gracias! Books for everybody! Our next thought is; Oh crap! Now we have to start implementing Stretch Goals! This is a very mixed bag. On the one hand, Stretch Goals are fun and exciting (Oh hey! Howzabout we put a sound chip in every book so that when you open it, you get a clap of thunder?) But you must be aware of how much these things cost. The annals of Kickstarter are littered with “sucessful” campaigns that found that they now had enough money to build every backer a cybernetic ham– and then realized– while at the post office with a truckload of wrapped hams buzzing and blinking ominously behind them– that they had not raised enough money to be able to ship them out. Oops..

This is one of the things we have our business manager- Carol Monahan for. Whenever she is not off doing whatever it is she does that keeps her “happy” and “fulfilled as a person” with her “family”, she is cheerfully sitting in our office crunching numbers, which is why I can say, “No cybernetic hams for you.” At least, not unless we raise quite a bit more. This is certainly possible, and we will no doubt be forced into devising increasingly unlikely and convoluted goals to justify continuing to ask for money. This is frustrating, as we don’t particularly want to have to come up with increasingly outrageous add-ons, we just want to sell a lot of books. I mean, theoretically, we could run a Kickstarter campaign for just 24 hours, Get funded, and then just be obligated to print a thousand books. Ho ho what screaming we would hear. We do not want to do this. You do not want us to do this.

Thus we must work with the current system, which means that if people continue to sign on, it’ll be ham for everybody. this is a burden we are willing to accept.