A Very Busy Weekend Indeed


As if we didn’t have enough to do, what with worrying about our ongoing Kickstarter for Girl Genius Volume 13 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-volume-13-agatha-heterodyne-and-the-sl), we have a convention weekend.

Most pros, when they attend a convention, pretty much just chat on panels, sign things and sit around at the hotel bar, staring pointedly at the empty glass in their hand. I envy them. But this is not the lot of those who toil for Studio Foglio. When we attend a convention, we do all those aforementioned things, to be sure, but we also run a dealer’s table. On the down side, we have to lug a lot of heavy boxes around and be on our feet for much of the weekend and be sharp enough to make correct change. On the up side, we get to meet a lot of our fans face-to-face, and at the end of the day, we have the cash to buy our own drinks (Not that we’re insulted when someone else buys– we’re proud, but not insane).

Well, this weekend we are doubling down in the most literal sense of the word, as we are running a dealer’s table at not one, but two conventions in the same town on the same weekend. (Okay, yes, Seattle and Seatac are technically not in fact the same town. But they are both conventions we can commute to, so that counts.)

The first convention is our local snazzy anime con; Sakura Con (http://www.sakuracon.org/). In the last couple of years, we’ve been asked to be guests at a number of anime conventions, even though we are not anime, manga, or even from Japan. But we are also not traditional American superhero comics either, and apparently that makes all the difference. Now the Professaressa has collected enough shojo romance manga that the house has started to settle, so she will be appearing at the Seattle Convention Center, at Booth # 432. Phil plans to be there Friday afternoon.

The Professor will be working it old school at Norwescon (http://www.norwescon.org/), our local science fiction convention. Norwescon is a refreshing exception to the general trend amongst science fiction conventions these days. Due to the proliferation of genre entertainment and the acceptance of faux nerd culture, many science fiction related conventions have expanded and thrived at the expense of the core science fiction constituency. Thus in many places, general science fiction conventions that used to count their attendees in the thousands have seen their numbers dwindle down to hundreds at best. Norwescon, however, has bucked that trend. Possibly because Seattle has a very healthy book reading culture. Therefore, if you want to attend a great science fiction convention because you like the possibilities of the medium, but don’t want to sink into a specialized venue devoted to one particular movie, TV show or anthropomorphic, vampire romance series, them check out Norwescon. Kaja plans to be there on Thursday evening. Plus, in a move that dealers everywhere can appreciate, you don’t actually need a Norwescon membership to get into the Dealer’s Room. YAY!

Hope to see you there– Wherever there may be.